Ideas and suggestions that could make the game more fun and playable


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Aug 6, 2021
Hello there, I had some ideas that I thought about and read here in the forums that I felt like I should share again. I mainly wanted to talk about the troop skins of different nations, barracks troops and some ideas I've seen in the forums which I liked and ideas I thought about myself.

Regarding skins, except for unique troops and the heavy infantry and ranged infantry the skins of other units are pretty much the same after industrial age. And I personally find this to be quite bland, I am not quite sure if other players look at details like these and feel like there should be some diversity in how barracks and factory troops look but I feel like they should change the visuals according to he North European, Mediterranian and Oriental styles for almost all troops. Also relating to skins, they could at least give the same uniforms to all foot troops like machinegunners, bazookas, raider's rider, Wall sapper with the heavy infantry and ranged infantry uniform skin. If they plan to change it, they should change the skins of Heavy cavalry, Ranged Siege, Heavy tanks, Fighter planes, bombers, attack helicopters and make the uniforms of all ground soldiers of the same colour. I think the developers should do something about this.

Secondly I wanted to talk about barracks troops, the game seems to favour the factory troops over barracks troops in both multiplayer and world war. If the developers could have some mercy on barracks troops and us, I hope they make some room for barracks troops to be useful and make a comeback in some form without unbalancing the game while keeping artifact buffs and debuffs in consideration. It would be nice to see armies of different compositions and different playstyles as well as artillery, normal tanks and ranged infantry come back in higher levels. There are some topics and discussions of ideas on improving barracks troops in this forum, if the developers would take a look at those and figure out something then it would be quite nice.

Lastly about other ideas, I will first talk about things I've already seen in this forum. People have been wanting to see the base stats of troops for quite a long time, for base stats I mean something like Z(X+Y) where Z is the sum of total hitpoints/damage/heal of a unit, X being the base and original value and Y being the sum of all boosts and research bonus. Secondly people wanted to see the stats of world war troops and tactics, so if there was a statistics chart for everything I have in my army and buildings in my base for both multiplayer and war then it would be helpful for a lot of players. Being able to see the stats of defenders would also be helpful. People have been asking for alliance trading and navy for a really long time. I hope these are somehow implemented in the game. There are discussions and topics with ideas for these in the forum. There were also talks about adding new national troops and national benefits in the game, this would also be something fun to look forward to. Now, I'll express my ideas for the game. First off all I want the ballista towers in the early ages deal less damage so that heavy cavalry can tank up to 4 shots. Make the ranged siege troops under gunpowder age a bit powerful ( can 2-6 shot any building ). I want the game to be more favourable on the offense side in the early ages. The reason for this is that a lot of players quit the game early on because they fail attacks too much. Making the game a bit easier for new players should keep their interest intact. the last idea have is just a suggestion because its cool, its not something the game needs. Giving all the generals special abilities at a certain level ( preferrably lvl.25 ). Maybe the general can have a trigger ability which boosts stats, spawns troops or a passive ability that buff nearbly allies or debuffs nearby troops.

The purpose of me writing these are to summarise ideas and suggestions I like in one place so that its easier to remind some areas which could use some new content and improvements. I hope someone from nexon sees this and actually cares enough to implement these ideas in some form. Doing so would make me a happy player. I love this game, I would like to see myself playing this for a really long time and I hope more people are able to play this without quitting early on. Thanks for reading.


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Aug 30, 2021
Wow I agree with you on everything.

We have a lot of unique designs for countless types of mercenaries but all nations share the same troops since industrial age. I know it's a lot of work, but it would be nice if developers would change troop skins acording to each nation (at least tanks and planes), starting from industrial age and gradually the following ages.

Regarding barrack troops, I would make some changes:
- Increase artillery and MRL range to 7 to be able to outrange defensive towers. I would add this change starting from industrial or global age, not before. To balance this change, I would make defensive mortars to target this two units (give them a favourite target).
- Increase light tank damage. These units struggle too much against walls (even infantry does more damage) and do nothing against resource buildings.
- Reduce attack helicopter's range to 5 but make them able to fight back (like machine guns?). It doesn't make any sense an helicopter with more range than an artillery.
- Improve mortar's AI and attack damage against troops.

Finally, I would add some new content for early ages to keep their interest. I like your ideas about generals, it would be so nice if every general had a unique ability. Maybe leveling your generals up or earning skill points in war battles to unlock new skills? (A game called Rise of kingdoms has an interesting skill tree mechanic for generals).
A roman and korean general would be so nice too.


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Jul 8, 2022
Otra sugerencia sería ver la posibilidad hay de que en la próxima actualización cambien de lugar el botón de eliminar cuenta ya que incide a provocar el error