Ideas to make the game fun again? (mainly focused on MP)


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Nov 15, 2018
As a coleader of a 2.5 yr old alliance and playing this game for 1.5 years myself, i can see that there is a noticeable reduction in the playing time my alliance members and i had post the rebalance.i am a lvl 170 global roman with max offense. With Muet saying they will try to bring back some offensive buffs and knowing nexon, i am guessing them to be not to any of the "made useless after rebalance" troops and i am not expecting them to roll back any of the rebalances..So here is my take on what could be the potential changes that could help with bringing some of the fun part of the game back..

1. Reduce the troop training times - You know this is needed. Loss of majority or all of your army when attacking even bases that have some buildings below ur age is quite common after rebalance, which have forced most of us to push ourselves to the lower medal ranges where we can hit those inactive and severely underdeveloped bases and be content with. And you cant expect us to use tc and merc for all mp battles. Myself used to be hanging around 1300 - 1500 medals with occasional go at to close to 2000 but with a penalty of army loss.. but now i station myself between 800-900 and only medal climb comes when i leave the game for a week or so (which is more often now) and my opponents raise the medal count for me. If you are unwilling to reduce training times then atleast increase the blessing value (to say 75% or something) and increase the cost of it as well, if required. This will promote use of varied troop compositions and even be an incentive to hit higher knowing u dont need to wait atleast 20 min after every attack to retrain your entire army. Also bring the airplane blessing to temple, it shouldnt be a pay to get one..

2. Use of Tactics - It is quite common that the tactics were not extensively used in mps unless the battle was really hard before the rebalance and this was mainly down to the longer retrain times for tactics( And also the skip button in mps..) i used to use them all on a strong base before i went to bed so that morning i have them all retrained. I agree post IA, most used decoy and it was a bit too overpowered and required nerfing..but you took it too far..if you want people to use tactics in mps more make them train these faster and also strike a balance between tactics so that one isnt way inferior or way to do is allow only 2 of one type of tactic..(as Manifesto told). if you cant reduce the training times, again improve the numbers of the tactic blessing so that a tactic can be trained within say 5-6min..currently it takes about 20 min on avg even with blessing...

3. Improve unused troops - I have rarely seen anyone use mortars, commandos or machine guns in battles..while there is some change wrt to machine guns the others are still heavily under used..give a buff to them so that people can play around with different combos. Also there are so many traps in the game right now and there is no single trainable unit which could disable the traps..adding this feature to commandos will definitely increase their usage and will do justice to their ridiculous troop space..

4. Overpowered and illogical troop cards - Everyone knows its the EAs are the ones i am referring to mainly.. I know they are a source of income to the devs but having such an overpowered tactic clearly shifts the game from a strategic one to who has the biggest wallet one. Make them less superior and for gods sake have them shoot missiles or something of that sort from a tank..this is a game based on historic and real life units and when did a guy sitting on top of a fancy elephant shooting shiny arrows take down enemy tanks with one hit?

5. Make logical defensive and offensive troop stats - It is not fair having a defending tank have mare than twice the hp of your attacking counter part.. make the stats same for defense and offense..if you want to keep the buff on defense, reduce the hp uff to 1.3x or lower.

6. Balance the nations - Currently no incentive to stay in any other nation other than German in higher ages and if you want to go big in wars and medal..rebalance the nations so that there is a variety of them at all ranges. Wouldnt have asked for this if ntgs werent an issue.

7. Make more use of generals - This has been discussed extensively in the forums..make them better than sitting ducks for silo fire.