Instant retrain issue


Approved user
Oct 13, 2017
I probably need to take screen shots and open a ticket, but since the release of drone command I have had a minor issue with instant and video retrains.

I am Roman and have a troop capacity of 187 troops with no special buildings. When I retrain it will always leave one troop untrained as if the game thinks I should only have 186 troops. Sometimes a rifleman, sometimes a heavy tank, sometimes an RPG but always one troop gets left untrained.

The workaround I found is that if I go into battles with only 186 troops and leave one rifleman untrained then retrain works perfectly every time.

This happens on IR blessings, VIP retrain and retrain videos.

I was going to wait until after drone command finishes upgrading as I am hoping it is a glitch with the upgrading drone command. I have about 3 days left until Drone Command is L3 and finished.

No other army buildings are upgrading as they are all maxed level.