International Women's Day - Week Ahead 2/26


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May 6, 2022

Greetings Leaders,

The final week of Winter for the Ages is upon us! We’re also recognizing International Women’s Day this week. The British Kettle Drum Legendary Artifact returns in this week’s step-ups. All that and more in the week ahead!

Final Week in Winter for the Ages
Get those final upgrades and instant Age Ups in! Winter for the Ages ends on 3/3, and until then, you’ll still see the Winter War Event giving you 100% more resources and the final week of 40% off upgrades to Troops and Buildings.

Every day this week, you’ll also find a special offer each day for a single crown until 3/2! You can grab a Legendary Token on 2/27, a 5d Research SpeedUp on 2/26, and 5d Generic SpeedUp on 3/2. Be sure to check out what you can pick up each day!

Episodes 2/29 - 3/7

Mounted Combat
The Mounted Combat pass brings in the cavalry on the free tier with Attack Helicopter, Main Battle Tank, and Heavy Tank Mk4 Troop Tactics. Picking up the Premium Pass will bring even more firepower with the Centaur Tank, Kamov Ka-50 Army, Heavy Tank Mk6, and more Troop Tactics!

Competing in the Global Leaderboard and earning a top 100 position can get you the Crescent Blade Legendary Artifact!

International Women’s Day
We’re recognizing International Women’s Day this week. This episode can get you Shieldmaiden, Lady Death, Tomoe Gozen, Night Witch, and more for Free! Premium Pass holders can obtain the Super Stallion and Nighthawk Troop Tactic, among others. You’ll also find the Flying Machine Legendary Heat-Up Chest, these chests contain various SpeedUps but most notably a chance at the Da Vinci Flying Machine Legendary Artifact!


Banneker’s Almanac 2/25 - 3/3
Today the Banneker's Almanac Event we announced last week officially kicks off!

Benjamin Banneker, born during slavery to free African-American parents, was a self-educated farmer, writer, mathematician, and astronomer who successfully predicted lunar and solar eclipses. He helped survey land for the new capital of the United States and corresponded with Thomas Jefferson, challenging him to ensure racial equality. Banneker is best known for the almanacs he published from 1792-1797 which contained a wide array of scientific and literary writings, including his own astronomical calculations.

Enjoy these discounts for a limited time!

33% off the following General upgrades:
• Cleopatra
• Napoleon
• Zhukov
• Sun Tzu

Legendary Step-Ups 2/26 - 3/4
If you didn’t happen to get the Legendary Artifact you were looking for in from the Factory Troop Chest in last week’s Episode and this week’s International Women’s Day Episode, you can acquire more chances in the Factory Troop Chest Step-up sale. You can find Lycurgus Cup, ASDIC Type 113X, Crocodile Mask, and more!

The other step-up sale features chances at the British Kettle Drum Legendary Artifact!