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Just the FAQ

Jane Monroe

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Jun 25, 2015
This is simply a cut and Paste of the separate FAQs found on nexon forums.

World War FAQ: Overview
Today, 05:21 PM
What is World War?
World War is a conflict between two Alliances that takes place on the War Map. The War Map can be accessed by tapping the War button with your Alliance’s crest in the bottom left corner of the screen next to the Battle button.

How do I participate in World Wars?
To participate in World War, you need to be in an Alliance and build a Command Post, which can be found in the Store on the Army Tab. The Command Post stores all the loot you can win from wars. Your Alliance leader can declare war using the War button in the bottom left corner of the screen.

How does World War work?
World War takes place over two days: Planning Day and War Day. Players prepare for war on Planning Day by donating troops to their Allies and rearranging their defenses. On War Day, participating Allies can make two attacks against the opposing Alliance. The Alliance that earns the most stars from attacking by the end of War Day wins the war.

Allies who are victorious during attacks in World War will get War Loot, and the Stars they’ve earned will go towards their Alliances’ total score. The winning Alliance at the end of the war will get 100% of their War Loot while the losing Alliance only gets 30%. Unlike Multiplayer Battles, World War attacks do not affect Medals or Peace Treaties. World War participation is optional for Alliances as well as individual Alliance members.

Do I use my normal town in World War?
In World War, players do not use their normal Town for defense. Your Town is safe during World War because wars are fought in a different location than Multiplayer: on the War Map. On the War Map, players attack and defend War Bases instead of their normal Towns. During a World War, your Town’s resources, Medals and Peace Treaties are not at risk.

What is a War Base?
A War Base represents a player on the War Map. Only War Bases are attacked during World War. A War Base uses all of the same buildings from a normal Town, but can be arranged differently. Traps, defenses, and Generals on a War Base never need to be reset during World War; they’re always ready for battle! On Planning Day, you can donate troops to your allies’ war bases. Troops donated to War Bases will defend from the Town Center during every attack on War Day. The Alliance Gate on your War Base must be filled separately from the Alliance Gate in your Town. You can edit your War Base at any time by tapping the “Edit Layout” button and tapping the War Base tab.


World War FAQ: Going to War
Today, 05:23 PM
How do I start a world war?
Only Alliance Leaders and Co-Leaders can start wars by opening the World War screen and tapping the “Start New War” button. Once they choose the Alliance members that are going to battle, the search for an opposing Alliance will begin. There must be at least 10 members chosen to go to war, and the number of participants must be a multiple of 5. “Unavailable” players may not be chosen to participate in wars. There is no need to wait at this screen; you can return to your town and will be notified when the search is successful. Planning Day will start immediately after an opposing Alliance has been found.

Why are some alliance members unavailable for war?
When Leaders tap the World War button > “Begin New War” they get a list of all available players, and are prompted to choose who they are taking to war. Some Alliance members may display as “Unavailable” because they haven’t built a Command Post, have opted out of participating in wars, or are still in an active war from their previous Alliance. All other players will be able to be toggled in or out.

I changed my mind. How do I cancel my war?
Alliance Leaders can cancel the search for a war by tapping the cancel button on the search screen at anytime. There is no penalty for cancelling the search. If a war has already been started, it cannot be cancelled.

Are there any requirements for going to war?
Your Alliance must have at least 10 members who have built the Command Post to go to war.


World War FAQ: Matchmaking
Today, 05:25 PM
How are Alliances matched up for a World War?
Alliances are matched in World War based on the strength of their members. Medals from Multiplayer are not a factor for World War matchmaking.

How is strength calculated in a World War?
Strength is based on each member’s attacking power (Troops and Barracks upgrades, War Tactics and Generals) and defensive strength (defense buildings, walls, traps, and generals). Base layout does not affect this calculation. The only way a member’s strength can be increased is if they upgrade their troops, defenses, war tactics, or other contributing offensive and defensive capabilities.

How many players can participate in a World War?
The smallest war allowed is 10 vs.10 players. Other war sizes include: 15 vs. 15, 20 vs. 20, 25 vs. 25, 30 vs. 30, 35 vs. 35, 40 vs. 40, 45 vs. 45, and 50 vs. 50. Any Alliance members that are not chosen for a war will be observers until that war is over.

Why is it taking a long time to find a match?
Opponents are chosen to make wars as fun and challenging as possible. Unlike Multiplayer, you may not find an opponent right away. If you no longer wish to wait, you can cancel the search by tapping the “cancel” button on the World War screen (Alliance Leaders and Co-Leaders only). If you haven’t found a match in 24 hours please contact us via the in-game support system: Settings (gears icon)> Customer Service.


World War FAQ: The War Map
Today, 05:26 PM
What is the War Map?
The War Map is where World Wars are fought. The map is broken up into Territories and is split between the opposing Alliances. Your Alliance controls the blue Territories and the enemy Alliance controls the red Territories.

How are territories assigned?
Participating Allies will be assigned Territories at random. Players can end up next to their allies, their enemies, or a mix of both.

What are the buildings on the War Map?
Players’ War Bases are represented on the War Map by a building token, which indicates their Age. By tapping a building token, you can view more information about that player, such as their completed attacks and how their War Base defended against enemy attacks. You can also donate troops, scout, or attack an opponent’s war base from this menu. The actions you can do will change depending on the current phase of the war.


World War FAQ: Planning Day and War Day
Today, 05:29 PM
What happens during Planning Day?
Planning Day is about getting ready for war. No attacks can be made, but players can scout opponents, donate troops to allies, and rearrange their war base.

How does scouting work?
You can scout both Ally and Enemy War Bases during World War to see their layout. Scouting in advance helps to coordinate attacks and devise winning strategies!

How does troop donation work in world wars?
The Alliance Gate on your War Base is different from the Alliance Gate in your Town and each must be filled separately. The troops donated to a War Base on Planning Day will defend it against all attacks during War Day. These troops will spawn from the Town Center during wars.

Unlike your normal Town, you don’t have to request troops for your War Base. Instead, all War Bases are automatically open for troop donation during Planning Day. To donate, simply tap on an ally’s War Base on the War Map during Planning Day and donate troops directly to it. Troops cannot be donated to War Bases during War Day.

When attacking opponents in World War, you may fill up the Alliance Gate in your Town or Alliance Chat before battle with troop donations, just like in Multiplayer.

How do I change the layout of my war base?
You can change the layout of your War Base using the Layout Editor. Your War Base can be rearranged on or before Planning Day, but any changes made to your War Base during War Day will not take effect until the start of the next war.

What happens during war day?
This is the day when each Alliance member makes their two best attacks against the enemy. Each Star earned will push an Alliance closer to victory! Players can continue to scout all War Bases during War Day.

How many battles can I fight in a world war?
Players can attack 2 times on War Day. Players cannot attack the same enemy twice.

How do I choose who to attack?
When fighting in World War, you want to maximize the amount of Stars you earn for your Alliance. Sometimes that means finding an opponent you can easily get five stars against, while other times it means struggling to get one or two stars against a tougher opponent.

You may be given a Recommended Target, indicated by the target symbol on an enemy Territory. This target is recommended based on the strength of your army and the strength of the target’s defenses. War Base layout is not factored into the recommendation, so you should always be sure to scout before attacking.

How do I train an army for world war?
Armies for World War are trained the same way as they are for multiplayer: in your normal town, or with the Train Troops button on the right hand side of the War Map.

What happens to donated defenders that are defeated in a war attack?
Donated Defenders that were defeated are automatically replenished after a battle. They will defend a War Base against every attack during the war in which they were donated.

Why did I lose my attack?
In World War you only get two attacks to earn as many Stars as you can, so make sure they count. Attacks in World War are consumed the moment you leave the Troop Confirmation screen. Unlike Multiplayer attacks are consumed even if you don’t drop any troops, so be sure to scout your opponents first to make sure you don’t waste your attacks.

Why does the amount of Attacks Used differ from the total of Attacks Won and Attacks Lost in the War Report?
Battles that are currently in progress will not have a result. Therefore, the number attacks Won/Lost cannot be updated until a battle has finished.

I started a battle right before the World War timer ran out! Will it be counted?
Any battles started before the war ends will be allowed to finish, and will be counted toward the final score of the war.

Why do I have to wait to see the results after war day has ended?
It’s possible that there are some last minute battles that could impact the outcome of the war. There is a five-minute grace period after a war is over to allow any active battles to finish and be counted towards the final score.


World War FAQ: Winning and Loot
Today, 05:31 PM
How is the winning Alliance determined?
The winner is determined by the amount of Stars earned by each Alliance. The Star count for each Alliance is on display at the top of the War Map during the War Day. To win a World War, your Alliance must have earned more stars than the opposing Alliance during War Day.

How do I earn stars for my Alliance?
You earn Stars for your Alliance by winning battles. Stars are earned the same way as in Multiplayer matches: 1 Star if you destroy a Town Center, 1 Star if you destroy at least 50% of the buildings in a base, 1 Star if you destroy 75% of the buildings in a base, 1 Star if you destroy 100% of the buildings in a base, and 1 Star if you earn any other star in the first minute of battle. However, only the best attack against each enemy War Base counts. If an ally has already earned 4 stars on an enemy base, you will have to earn 5 stars against that same War Base to score one additional Star for your Alliance.

What happens if we Tie / What if we get the same number of Stars?
In the event that of a tie, the Alliance with the higher Average Destruction will be victorious.

What is War Loot?
War Loot is special loot that you will get at the end of a war. Attacking and defeating enemy War Bases will increase the amount you receive. Your current War Loot is always shown in the top left corner of the War Map on War Day.

How much War Loot do I keep if my Alliance wins the World War?
Aside from the glory of victory, every participating member of the winning Alliance will be awarded the full amount of the War Loot they accrued during the war.

How much War Loot do I keep if my Alliance loses the World War?
Aside from the shame of defeat, members of the losing Alliance will suffer a stiff penalty to their War Loot. Losing members will only be awarded 30% of the War Loot they accrued during the war.

What happens in the event of a tie or stalemate?
In the event of a stalemate both Alliances will be awarded 40% of the War Loot they accrued during the war. For this to occur both Alliances must get the same number of Stars and equal Average Destruction.

What is Territory Loot?
Territory Loot is loot that you steal from bases during World War attacks. This loot is obtained by attacking resources buildings, just like in Multiplayer battles. However, Territory Loot is not based on the resources that player has in their Town. In World War, the loot in a player’s storage buildings is calculated based on the strength of their defenses. Easier bases will contain less loot, while more challenging bases will hold more. Territory Loot is delivered to your stores immediately after battle, and is much lower than the War Loot you receive for winning.

The War Loot for a war base seems low, why is that?
The greater the challenge, the greater the reward! Attacking down an age will yield less war loot than attacking a base the same age or higher than you.

Can opponents steal resources from me in world war?
No, you don’t lose resources from defending your War Base. The Territory Loot that is available to enemies in your War Base doesn’t come from your Town, so your hard-earned resources are safe.

How do I collect my War Loot?
War Loot can be collected from the Command Post. Be sure to collect it before you reach your War Loot storage limit, or you will miss out on new War Loot! You can upgrade your Command Post at your Town to increase your War Loot storage.


World War FAQ: Finished Wars and Troubleshooting
Today, 05:35 PM
Can I see World Wars after they have ended?
The entire War Map will be available after a war is over. Just tap “View Results” in the War Map to see the outcome of the last war. This information will be available until you start another war.

Once a new war has been started, older wars can be seen by tapping the “World War History” button in the Alliance window. The World War History will show the results of the Alliance’s past ten wars.

How do I start a new World War once one has ended?
Leaders & Co-Leaders can declare war again from the War Results screen using the “Begin New War” button.

I crashed during battle and lost my war attack!
Unfortunately, if you crash or close the game during a war attack, you will lose that attack. If you are having persistent issues with crashing during battle please check out our FAQ on the subject!

My Alliance leader says that I’m opted out of war. How do I fix this?
To participate in wars make sure you have the latest update to DomiNations. Build a Command Post from the Store and place it in your Town. If you still are not opted into war go to Alliance Gate > Alliance > My Alliance make sure that “WAR!” is checked and green. If you still cannot be selected please contact us via the in-game support system: Settings (gears icon)> Customer Service.

I’ve been searching for a war for a long time. Why can’t it find a match?
World War matchmaking searches every Alliance that has also recently searched for a war to try to find the best possible match. This means looking for Alliances with both the same number of combatants and similar strength. Finding a good match can take some time, so please be patient!

Why didn’t I get my war loot yet?
War Loot is calculated and delivered once a war has finished, results have been tallied, and a winner has been determined. Please be patient as it may take some time for your War Loot to appear in your Command Post. If you still have not received your War Loot within an hour please contact us via the in-game support system: Settings (gears icon)> Customer Service.

Why is my War Base incomplete? How do I fix this?
If your war base has a red exclamation point (!) next to it, this means that your War Base layout has buildings that have yet to be placed. This occurs when you purchase new buildings in your Town, and have not yet placed them on your War Base. To complete your War Base, simply go to the War Base tab of the Layout Editor and open the incomplete layout that you wish to finish. Place any buildings that are in your inventory on the left side of the screen and tap Save.

Remember that an incomplete War Base will still be used in Wars, so be sure to update it with new buildings as often as possible.

What’s the difference between a War Base and my Town?
Your Town layout is the layout that you use in your normal game, but your War Base layout is only used in World War battles. War Bases do not have Fruit Trees, Gold Mines, Blessings, or Shipments on them.

Why can’t I copy a War Base layout to my Town layout?
War Base layouts can’t be copied to Town layouts because they don’t contain all the same components.

How are the Generals that show up on defense in World War selected?
Your highest level General will automatically defend your base in World War (or two highest Generals if you have researched Leadership chapter 3 from the LIbrary).

Why don’t my Blessings show up in World War?
Attack and defense blessings are only used in Multiplayer, not in World War.

Why is my Wonder under construction on my war base, but other buildings are not?
Wonders are powerful buildings and therefore must be completely constructed before they can be active on a war base.

Can the Command Post be looted?
If you are attacked in a Multiplayer battle, enemies can loot a small percentage of your war loot earned by attacking your command post. Make sure to keep it defended like you would any other storage building!

What happens if I leave my Alliance during an active war?
Your war base will remain on the war map if you leave an active war at any point after the search has been started. Leaving a war will not impact it in any way. You are free to join other Alliances or come back to your Alliance and continue participating in the active war.

If you leave an active war, you will not be able to participate in a war with other Alliances until your current war has been completed. You will still receive any War Loot at your Command Post earned during your current war, even if you are no longer in that Alliance.

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