Keeping the game fun (and transparent) with or without the Museum


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Nov 14, 2017
Hey guys, Lots been written about the positive, and uhm not so positive, impact of Dom's Museum since they introduced it this summer.

Nexon's taken (some of) our cash to improve our Museums, or our Archives, to buy Speed Ups or Wall books, whatever they are, plus a regular dollar stores worth of Marco sales and Crown ships... the 'opportunity' to spend money is bigger than Christmas...

But that's meant that some of Dom's uber-payers (oops, sorry guys, I meant players, ok, players) have 'worked up' Museum benefits to like +50% or more... so they walk all over us in attack... or send our strongest attack troops fleeing in shame in defense... and we have no idea why this is happenin... So Nexon's solution over the fall has been to neuter all of our troops, yours and theirs, to level the playing field if you like, back to where it was before the Museum got introduced...

The problem is that we're still playin' blind. Nobody has any idea what they're attacking or defending against. The Museum remains a (massive) hidden factor. In MP and in War.

I understand why some (credit card) players might wanna hide their extremely large hands (sorry guys, benefits, I mean Museum benefits). And I can see why Nexon might wanna keep em happy by letting them hide their precise benefits... Heck, who wants to see oppo stats like heavy tanks +86%, fighters +71%, all towers +99%...

So, here's an easier suggestion...

Don't show us the exact enemy Museum stats. We know you're never, ever gonna do that. So no point askin. But maybe convert enemy stats into a simple summary? So after an attack, you could show us just a couple of lines, like 'enemy defense troops HP' then a drawn line next to that (a long line equals they got 50% benefit or more; a short line, less than 10% benefit; no line, no benefit)... Under that, show 'enemy defense troops DPS' next to another line, under that 'all defense towers HP' next to another line, under that 'all defense towers DPS' next to another line... So it's only four summarized stats and their lines, on our attack results screen.

And you could show a similar four summarized stats and lines on our defense replays screen. Easy as.

It would require some behind the scenes maths, to add up and average all of the benefits across all of the troops and buildings. But if you took a creative intern off making up some of your hundreds of 'offers' for just one week, you could bang this out in no time at all...

And it would make a lot of your players so much happier... that we could at least have some vague idea how the Museum is working... for and against us.

Hey, you listenin Santa? I been good. All year. Mostly... :angel emoticon: :rolleyes:


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May 17, 2018
it all falls under the general category of "SHOW US MORE STATS"
I would be so much happier if they implemented player stats, alliance stats, museum stats, stats stats stats stats stats stats stats stats stats stats stats stats