Koliada Event 1/6-1/9


BHG Community Manager
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May 6, 2022

This weekend is our Koliada Discount Event!

Koliada is one of four major Slavic Pagan traditions based around the solar cycle. During this time, kids dress as animals and sing Koliada carols door-to-door in exchange for sweets. Koliada was historically celebrated near the winter solstice to help the world transition from the darkest time of the year to a time where the sun grows in power once again. Part of the holiday includes a large bonfire where the Polaznik bangs his staff on the Budnik log in the fire. If this creates long sparks that travel into the darkness, the fire is known as a merry fire. Dressing up in costumes was done to represent oneself as a being of Nav’. Dressing like this was done to get in touch with the world of the spirits but to also replace the scary creatures of that world, preventing them from entering our world.

Alongside the discounts for the event, we're also offering another chance to purchase Legendary Tokens starting tomorrow 1/6 at 10am EST

25% off these upgrades:
• Missile Silo
• S.A.M Battery
• Decoy Trap

33% off the following Troop upgrades:
• Transport
• Bazooka
• Armored Car
• Assault Rally