Lag since latest update


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Feb 24, 2021
Since the latest update 6 hours ago. I have a huge 5 seconds lag. Which can occur 2 to 3 times per battle.
The way I play renders this game totally unplayable. Because I'm German and depend on rallying a lot to circumvent anti tank defences because my army is pure HT.

I always had a slight lag on my LG G5 H850 but never felt compelled to come here and register on order to complain about this before.
But as I said.. this 5 second plus lag, renders this game almost completely unplayable/unbearable.

I have messaged nexon.
Also on my device I've noticed that games have a "game setting tab" near the home and back button.
I've never investigated what this game controller icon did before.
But after experiencing these huge lags starting 6 hours ago. I had a little look.
It seems to have a graphic setting tab (resolution) which I turned down to minimum.
There's also a frame rate slider. Which I set to "normal" (it was higher)

No discernable effect.
Tbh I can't say I noticed much difference in resolution either. I'm not sure but maybe the LAG isn't quite as long as before. Maybe 4 seconds instead of 5 ? I can't be sure ..
But I digress...

This problem still persists.. and it's not playable.
This is very disappointing because I've recently advanced to digital and my HT and transport and recon have been upgraded to digital tech.
I have purchased several crown bundles including extra homes and villa so I get maximum builders (currently 21)
I have also completed numerous offers and still have 9k crowns

However my alliance is a war oriented alliance in the top maybe 100. And I simply cannot war with such a huge disadvantage.
Even if it wasn't for war this is equally unpalatable.

I presume the game requirements has rendered my device "too old" to play this game with the most up to date settings.
Therefore it is with disappointment I'll have to stop playing this game and delete my account unless (which I presume) nexon or anyone else are unable to help.

I simply don't have the money to buy another device. I have a new child here and various other complications due to Corona.

Thanks for this game thus far. I'll be missing joining in


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Aug 18, 2016

Sorry to read that. I got an old Ipad that was unplayable + crashes all the time. I had to move to a new iPad. My second account was running on an old Android that was not supported anymore. I installed it on the old ipad, but it is too slow, even for a GP level account.

Turn off the sound, music, kill all the apps, and restart the app before attacking. With all the stuff that they have added in 5 years, it needs a lot of RAM and CPU. Maybe see if you can get a second-hand phone or tablet. Or play via Bluestack emulation on PC or Mac.

Anyway, real life matters more so take care of family and health. That is much more important than this stupid game. Keep the account, you never know.