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Let us sell artifacts directly from the swap artifacts screen in the museum.

Bootney Lee Fonsworth

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Jan 12, 2018
I'm spending the weekend slogging through my inventory in the museum and finding myself incredulous at how poorly designed it is. As things stand I click on Main Hall weapons, sort through them one by one, find one that I want to sell. Then I have to back out to storage and scan the entire list of every artifact I have to find and sell it. Why? Because none of the organization options in storage place them in any kind of sensible way. Level? Stars? Pretty much meaningless when there are dozens of things to sift through. Categories? I'm not even sure what that's supposed to mean in this current design. It's certainly not Main Hall Armor or War Equipment like the term Category implies. Age? At least makes a degree of sense but I have stuff that's been piling up for years so it's not a good way to organize either.

You guys proved you can listen when you reversed course on that, shall we say, misguided UI design a few weeks ago. So please just add a 'Sell' button within the swap artifact screen. It is the only place in the museum where artifacts are arranged in a logical and somewhat easy to compare manner. Why do we have to jump through several other tedious and unwieldy steps to do something so basic as selling old inventory?

Failing that, just let us sell stuff on display. Yeah, it still adds an extra unnecessary step to put what you want to sell on display first but fewer than we have now.

Don't be so petty about making corrections to a poorly designed interface just to nickel and dime us for 250 crowns here and there.

Honestly the museum in general makes suboptimal use of the screen space on our devices. Why can't all five crafted artifacts just appear at once for example? Why do individual artifacts have to be confined to tiny thumbnails in a single row on the bottom that we have to scroll through and hit the tiny question mark to see their stats? If we're scolling anyway you should just display all the stats as well. Why is there not a compare artifacts option?

Sure, answers to those questions would be nice. I'm merely asking for the simple expediency of a 'Sell' button from the swap screen though. Seems a bit easier than a total overhaul. Thank you for your consideration.
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Jan 28, 2016
Good point. The museum design is pretty subpar almost an after thought. It’s very difficult to navigate. We should have an ability to make comparison between artifacts of the same category. I have to go and look at each one then remember the correct one to either upgrade or swap. Please make it more efficient.


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Dec 13, 2017
Here’s another issue. The default sort is by most recently acquired. Great. So I make 5 artifacts, decide to upgrade one and sell the other 4. After I upgrade one, it for some reason reshuffles the new artifacts around. The most recent one is no longer the most recent one and I actually sold one I wanted to keep because of it because two looked alike. I don’t know why the most recent order should change because of an upgrade. So, be careful.