Looking for help with a Restoration Project


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Apr 8, 2016
~The Ball Pit~

REBOOTED ALLIANCE - PERK 12 - Parliament non-existent

Unique opportunity to get in on the ground floor with a group of committed players and influence the direction of our new community.

All ages and experience levels welcome, we're a very supportive alliance so you can learn quickly or share your knowledge if you've been around the block a few times and looking for a fresh challenge. Promotions are available if you're looking to help lead as well.

Frequent warring and more frequent banter both in-game and on discord.

Don't believe me? hear from some of our satisfied customers:

Donny: "I didn't know life until I joined The Ball Pit"
Marie: "Since joining The Ball Pit my raiding has improved 2000%"

Join now and get a free raider recruit. Stocks limited.