Marco Selling Gemini 8 Gloves and Demarcation Stone (10/12-10/14)


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May 6, 2022
Greetings Leaders,

The error with Marco last week made for an unfair situation for many players. Not only to the players that saved the 100~400 Legendary Tokens for the purchase of these Artifacts, a highly valuable currency, but also to those that spent the crowns and spent resources upgrading them.

By this point, the Artifacts that had been incorrectly purchased have now been removed and we’ve sent a refund of crowns and then some to compensate those that may have spent resources on upgrades. As stated yesterday you will have until 10/18 to claim this compensation. Additionally, if you did spend resources upgrading these Artifacts you can contact Customer Service to get that reimbursed.

For that brief period of time, many of you made that purchase with Crowns and perhaps could have been able to do so with Legendary Tokens. It would be fair to say, Players who made these purchases with Crowns may not have purchased the Artifacts again with the proper Legendary Tokens. Especially considering that by the time we made a response these Artifacts were no longer available for Legendary Tokens. Because of this, we’re going to offer both the Gemini 8 Gloves and the Demarcation Stone once again starting today, when Marco refreshes his Daily Offerings, 10/12-10/14 for Legendary Tokens. This won’t replace the current Marco’s Legendary Ware offerings, but it will be sold alongside them.


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Jun 12, 2019
What is with players who didn't want to use your mistake and didn't want to buy legendaries for crowns, becouse they know it's wrong and some mistake?
Why they also don't get crowns for playing fair?
Are you saying, with giving crowns only to players who wanted to use your problem for geting advantage, in future problems to all players use your mistake?


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May 17, 2018
1/8/2021 - 300
1/4/2022 - 300
3/10/2022 - 300 those are the times they offered gloves