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Museum Does Not Work


New member
Apr 23, 2020
I am wondering if anyone else is experiencing a problem with their museum. When I leveled up high enough to unlock the museum feature I did so and while the tutorial was running the game crashed. I logged back in and collected the mysterious fragments that appear on the museum and then went back in to complete the tutorial. The tutorial did not come back and the mysterious fragments that were collected did not show up in the counter in the top left. I received an artifact in a chest and tried to open and add it to my museum and the artifact is now gone. I have since collected a few more artifacts in war chests but I am afraid to open them because of losing the last one.

I leveled up to another era and updated the museum in the hopes that would fix the problem and the museum crashed again after the update.

I am in the industrial era with a museum update available. I'm wondering if anyone has had a similar issue and what they did to fix it. I have notified customer service a few times and haven't received any updates on when they're going to address the issue. I have searched this site and not found anyone with a similar problem as the customer service person indicated. I have deleted the game and reloaded it and followed the instructions they gave. I play on an iPad.