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My DEMANDING TROOPS (Notice Issue)/Connection Issue/


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Sep 26, 2016
======= SYSTEM NOTIFICATION /REMINDERS ================
SYSTEM SENDING *Reminder* Notifications after I just Logged OFF=
While I do love playing, the system since the last update (yesterday ai believe?, the one with snow everywhere), will NOt stop sending me repeat messages. In this case as of a few minutes ago, it was to inform me that "Your Troops Await Your Command", something I know quite well since, I JUST LOGGED OFF! *rolls eyes*.,.

It also sent me a reminder notification (which was rather hilarious since it did so), immediately after the system booted me offline!

=========== PEACE TREATIES? ========
Also, not sure what is up with it, but the system allowed me to be attacked losing like 10'pts a pop without ever giving a peace treaty (once by a Lvl 118 -1day 7 hours ago-and the last time by a lvl 174!-15hours 52minutes-, and I am a measly little lvl 116!!) The very last time, with the lvl 174 attack & total destruction of my layout, the system did finally give me a peace treaty. I'm not sure what the timeframes come out to be, with tehe lvl 118 attack at 1day, 7 hours; and the lvl 174 attack at 15hours, but, they both seemed rather close at the time. Especially since the system booted me & when I immediately tried to relog in I wasn't able to log in, and then when the system did finally let me back in, it was to a notice that I been attacked. I was so mad I could spit nails, not only did it knock me offline, but it also had a player attack me when I SHOULD NOT have been offline and attackable in the 1st place!!

While I realize Peace Treaties are not given every time, but it is a bit lopsided if You do not give a peace treaty, then ylu knock a player offline and sick another player on them while they are attempting regain access.

Speaking of which, what is the point of Peace Treaties if the system AUTOMATICALLY matches a Player up to be attacked As Soon As a Peaxe Treaty EXPIRES?? I have noticed this happen to me every time I have a Peace Treaty Expire. Because of this issue, I have STOPPED USING PEACE TREATIES!! And I have used Peace Treaties of every length in the Past! Now, I CRINGE WHEN get automatically STUCK with system auto-Peace Treaty, because I know that as soon as it ends, I'll once again immediatly be attacked if I am offline! *rolls eyes*...again, making Peace Treaties something that I not only have stopped using, but that I now ACTIVELY try to AVOID!! (Which is why Have 2 unused Peace Treaties in my inventory!)

======== CONNECTION ISSUES --AGAIN!!-- =======
Lastly, since the update PRIOR TO this last one this week, the system has been ClockIng a LOT! I know it is NOT my ISP or connection speed(s), as I monitor them with Ookla and my Speed Tests have been find (a pretty great connection actually). I had this problem when I initially started to play DomiNations and I noticed many others complained about the same issue. I considered leaving the game, because it was so incredibly annoying & cost me so many multi-player battles and even World War Battles to the point the game became almost unplayable. Then, I'm not sirw what y'all did, but you released an update and the ongoing connection issue(s) literally disappeared overnight. I was ellated; however, over the last 6-8mths the game has steadily had increasing connection stability issues (AGAIN!!) As I stated, I have checked my internal WiFi for congestion and/or interference, and I have checked my Router/Modem, along with my local internet Hub for packet load loss, and I have checked my Upload and Download speed(s). The Problem is NOT one with my hardware or software. PLEASE FIX THIS (again) as the game is becoming Un-Playable (AGAIN!) and as I move my Alliance into participating in World Wars, if this connectivity issue(s) continue, I will be forced to DISBAN & LEAVE DomiNations! Because I'm SICK of getting Booted & Losing Connection!

Thanks for taking the time to read & I hope that You will investigate & Resolve what You can! Particularly, the consistent connection issues!!