my ideas (blowing steam)

Dhruv patel

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Aug 27, 2017
1: museum

a. make the enemy building bebuff and your own base buffs in the main hall their own artifact catagory not saturated in pottery and jewlry.

b: allow 3 of each artifact for museum (both types) equipment on ww is 2 more and increase legendary artifact slots to 5 or 4 over 3.

c: reduce reroll to 50 crowns and do it for 2 catagories if you can.

d: if you can upgrade artifact line to full then tou increase its number by 5% but not on11%ones so if tou upgrade a line you like is only at 1% or 6% at start. once fully upgraded you get extra 5%.

e: make all legendary artifact modifiers at least 11% or double digitals at start cause having a single digit number (~6-7% looking at sutton hoo helmet at 1%) for something you highly likely payed real money for isnt right.

f: if you upgrade an artifact (not legendary) to 5 star you unlock extraline and you can choose a unique modifier to that catagory (tbd)

g: for extra fragments and having rolled the modifiers you see. you can select certain modifiers at a priority and roll for them (still random and best done at sinfle artifact crafting events)


a: make donated troop tactics go away cause i want defence to matter and a drone age player chucking a tactic for a lowage player is the bases only way they win defence. so many shoddy bases only winning cause of these troop tactics.

b: once a day you can make your own troop tactic based on troop space and your own troop alloted and each stronghold upgrade can increase that capacity for that trooptactic. start is 10 space and each upgrade is 5 per upgrade. troop space occupied applies.

c: increase hitpoints by 50% and make it its namesake (premier defence structure) with cannon for highhp troops the normal one for infantry and air damage with a garrison spawning your unique troop. and maybe make it a bit bigger (3 square length and 5 or 4 square wide )if all this cant fit in a building that size and in death the rubble can slow down invaders.

command post/ww/ coalotions

a: double command post hitpoints

b: make the unique troop thing a ever spawning thing that goes on till it is destroyed

c: cause it is a command post give it commands. they could work like the drone directives or in its radius configure a war academy tactic to activate under radius (certain ones cause how would assault rally and demolition work on defence?) world war only.

d: give coalition troops updated stats like the barrack troops (refering to the aztec, maori and the philipines needing the barrack troop boosts).

e: configure where the defence coalition will spawn cause forest spawning isnt working for them. choosing where they spawn out of forest, command post, or the city centre or stronghold as thiswould allow flexibility.

troop recruits/rewards/etc

a: the troop recruits gone or a block on them saying you cant use certain ones unless you unlock the troop domestically cause a gunpowder age player shouldnt be able to use an atk helicopter and have it retrained and that includes certain mwrcanry contracts (out of place troop tactics are different).

b: make the wall, merchant, crop and medic blessing craftable at the temple.

c: streamline the inventory by making any coalitions and tactics go to their respective buildings with storage for them so you could go to another tab in the war academy or embassy and pick something form them.

d: stats for warbase,garrison defenders more numbers the better.


a: reverse the general radius back to normal its gets you seeing them crumple like paper that quickly. (back to the range of the building range so 7)

b: cause its a tower and something that houses generals make it increase range by 1 every 2 ages and by extension the general spawn raduis. maybe it could stop at about 10 range.

c: allow it to shoot 2 targets at a time or twice (if theres nothing else) once it reaches industrial age and anything its in its range.

d: building the castle increases waracademy tactic capacity by1.

e: be a garrison too spawning defenders

f: or if not garrison then either let it deploy a war tactic in defence (ceratin ones) or another defensive drone in drone age.

also nation buffs and wonder buffs
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King Crimson

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Apr 21, 2016
LOL - good luck with some of these! While you're at it, would you like all upgrades 5000 gold/food and all speedups a min of 5 days?


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Jun 30, 2023
bhg should make those primo war legendaries like ASDIC available for more tokens, if they are so reluctant to put them up for 300 tokens. Make another tier, like 600 tokens for Māori club etc.


Nov 27, 2022
Wow! That's a lotta steam!! But seriously, I think we should let the devs do what they're doing currently: QoL. That's the most important right now.