My personal rebalance

Dhruv patel

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Aug 27, 2017
Remove all of the current re balances.These are my ideas (thanks in advance for reading) before the rebalances


Remove the new additional bonuses from jewelry and pottery and remove bonuses affecting fruit trees, goldmines and hunting from pottery.

For weapon and Armour perhaps lump the hit point and damage together since there are so much there (defender damage and hit point separate ) but you get only 1 power up as opposed to 2 to keep it balanced per artifact. (you don't get 2 bomber hit point and damage reduction per artifact)

Legendary artifacts get the same treatment as above and follow their own rules.

Artifact selling gives a 1:1 ratio (for 5 artifacts you sell you get 125 blueprints and fragments) and if you upgrade a perk to lvl10 with more blueprints and artifacts to increase it by 5% ie: 10% becomes 15% but cant upgrade to 20% only upgrade it up 1 level so if you get a 6% bonus it can become 11% effectively. Legendary artifacts can't do this

Dock boat and chest and expeditions, crown dock.

Dock boat give NTG, trade goods, troop armies, speed ups (remove blessings, tactics and troop recruits and animal lures ) museum stuff (rewards based on league)
Chests : stars from world war and PVP count gives, NTG, trade goods, troop armies, speed ups, resources, museum stuff (rewards based on age)
expeditions give their og rewards (if you can remember them) along with their museum stuff and maybe balanced with a 12hr cool down for the next expedition.

REMOVE crown dock and (to me) add a one of payment of 20$ to increase daily crown video from 5 to 8 and instant retrains from 1 to 3 per day (also do an increase of crowns per age where up to iron age players receive 5 crowns a video and it goes up by +5 crowns per age) and this way this makes them money they receive revenue from broadcasting adds and 20$ a player a win win.

Marco polo and stags

Get rid off crowns there period and only use rubies there.
Stag base is 5 crowns and it increases by 5 crowns an age.

Factory troops

Gatling guns buff appropriate ( contradictory the gunner re balance is a step in the right direction) maybe reduce space to 2??

Commandos reduce space to 7 and give them a radius where they disarm traps and increase movement speed.

Heavy tank be the same maybe troop space is 20

Tactical heli ( contradictory the re balance is a step in the right direction) reduce space to 8

armored car :give them a multiplier of 4x not 3x against resources and their attack behaves like
Gatling gun spread damage no troop suppression. and reduce their troop space to 3

Bazooka : give them splash damage but increase space to 5

APC increase damage and it behaves like Gatling gun damage with troop supression. Reduce troop space to 10

MRL reduce troop space to 8.

Barrack troops

Heavy infantry increase movement speed
ranged infantry the same ( perhaps 5x multiplier to troops instead of 4x)
Cavalry start off as fast and having more damage and less health but as tanks movement speed decreased and both hit-point and damage increased
wall sapper reduce troop space to 2
raiders the same
seige reduce troop space to 9 (8 with the library tech)
supply vehicles reduce to 6
mortar infantry reduce space to 4
atk heli (contradictory re balance is a step in the right direction) reduce troop space to 6 (idk if this is right for it)
assault vehicle reduce troop space to 10 just like tank.

Air strip

All planes receive 50% more health and 100% damage

Defender and generals

Retain their same stats but as horses move faster and as tanks they could lose their speed and receive more damage and hit points as they level up as tanks
Gatling gun level determined by armory level and so do retinue before command tech
heavy infantry move faster
cavalry start of fast as horses and loose speed as they become tanks.


defensive coalitions : Maori, and Indian defenders should be town centre defenders and have increased movement speed and Russian (3 T35 tank defenders) and Egyptians should be forest defenders
Offensive coalitions : receive 3 mangonels at max power. America receives 8 marines when at max power


They wouldn't need citizens but capstone's for suileman thie magnificent, mansa Musa and hiawata would need different capstones.


Barrage is the same as before rebalance maybe radius upgraded at blacksmith maybe a DPS for it. There's a 3sec delay too isn't there

First aid could increase from 5% per second to 8% per second and possible incincieased radius (Achieved by blacksmith level)

Protect and sabotage reduced to 1 space and have radius of 3 not 2 (achieved by blacksmith upgrade)

Decoy lasts 30seconds with 2 seconds per upgrade and reduce range by 1 and hitpoints a little

betrayal may recieve radius upgraded as it's upgraded

Demolition gets a DPS to make it effective in what it does (there is a 3sec delay isn't there)

ALL TACTICS space reduced to 1

Alliance perks (colonial liberation increase war loot)
Hannibal elephant spawn is like APC spawning
generals need unique powers like Hannibal

These are my re balance plans so What do you think of them? leave comments and these pair with my wonder and nation rebalace. ---- NATIONS --- WONDERS
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Sep 26, 2016
If any of these suggestions will make money for Nexon then they might be implemented.


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Sep 26, 2016
Dhruv, your ideas are logical and would be great if implemented. Although some are a little generous, these aren't new ideas but your ideas would benefit us not Nexon. The devs have their own agenda. It's all about increasing the need for paid troop cards but what they fail to understand is happy players are more likely to spend some money than players who feel forced into it.
There will always be players who will spend but a lot will now choose to spend their time, if not money, elsewhere.
Nexon are cutting off our wallets to spite their faces.

Dhruv patel

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Aug 27, 2017
I also believe everything they're selling should be half of what it is (even the crown) I believe in increasing demand and quantity demanded not supply and vice versa which is what they're doing. I wanted it to make it pay to advance not pay to win. What do you think of my other posts on nations and wonders.

Feedback appreciated.(can you specify what's too generous)

Also if they want to add nations they could add Scandinavia (Norway, Swiss whatnot) and Spanish. Because Russia is already a coalition and a massively missed opportunity and these could be the logical option in my opinion.

I also think the vault could give us +2000 oil per upgrade. it sucks that food and gold increase with each upgrade but not oil
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No Angel

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May 1, 2017
I'll keep buying from crown dock if it could be designed as I ever suggested :
First cycle​

First purchase - normal price
Second purchase - 75% off
Third purchase - 50% off
Second cycle​

First purchase - normal price
Second purchase - 75% off
Third purchase - 50% off

And the cycle continues.

Then, by using crowns, we can purchase valuable troop cards. We've seen most troop cards sold with direct Store purchases, could change that method a bits, and make only crowns available to purchase through the Store.
(as before, at the time I started playing Dominations 🤧)

Sorry, those 👆 are about money generating ideas for the Company, rather than doing rebalances.

Then about personal (combat) rebalances, I would like to see additional attack value for special troops, ie. for my French tanks 😍 , make us stuck to our nation's special power. Getting bored to see everyone attacks me with Heavy Tanks and Supersonics 😒 Not creative at all!
​​​​​​(even though it works 😆 hate that fact)(even though they are not special troops?!)
​​​​​ be continued