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Nation Rework - Greeks


Approved user
Sep 27, 2017
Here are some thoughts that, I hope, the devs would consider.
Now every nation is unique but this "uniqueness" is somewhat tampered by factors or other nations. With that in mind let's go to the specifics.
Greeks: Strong early but falls hard late. Nation bonuses almost useless in later ages.
Better Architecture is great until you reached Gunpowder. The name sounds cool but in reality, it is worst in most aspects in later ages. Nation Refund is, in later ages, could be good if your upgrades costs a lot but 5% isn't enough to put you in another project once it is done. The +5min per age instant finish is not even relevant if your upgrades last longer than that especially those that would take a week or more. The British having a bonus getting more loot ironically has better architecture(obvious reasons that they get enough resources faster to start another upgrade) than what would Greeks would if they have advanced to the same age at the same time. Unique unit's concept is great but it feels like a watered down version of what the French nation is better aside from better nation bonuses.
Nation Bonuses: Better Architecture should be followed and if we mean Better, it is not only that you are ahead of other nations in same age but may also has "sturdier" buildings.
*Changing the +5mins per age upgrades and research time instant finish to a flat 5% upgrade/research time reduction and removing the 5% nation refund. This would allow Greeks to have "Better Architecture" than most nations and would be able to advance faster than other nations through the ages. Setting it at 5% would make it weak in early ages but would scale reasonably well to later ages having long research/upgrade time. Removing the nation refund is a compromise to ensure that Greeks must have enough resources to start another upgrade/research and not relying to a refund to complete the resource needed to start another forcing them to loot other nations. This would give other nations equal chance to loot for a Greek base preparing resources for their next upgrade.
*Giving bonus 5% health to non-defensive buildings and granting 5% bonus attack damage and health to defensive buildings. This would be giving the Greeks at least bonus 10% health for their Town Center after researching level 4 Ramparts. The Kremlin would also amp up the strength of Greek walls.
Unique Unit: the Greek Companion Unit is in a fair spot(in terms of damage bonus taking out defenses faster than any heavy cavalry) but feels lackluster than the French Chevalier that feels more tanky giving players to opt choosing French over Greek. Unique Units should be geniunely "unique" that their uniqueness should not cloak each other like having Chevalier and Companion sharing same bonuses in different values. I have read in Alexander's description that his Companion Cavalry do flanking maneuvers and to be able to do that, you have to be fast enough to surround the enemy.
*Removing the bonus health stat replacing it with 10%-15% bonus movespeed and keeping the bonus attack damage stat would make the Greeks unique unit more "unique". Faster moving and deals greater damage would make the Greek unique unit threatening to defenses(being able to get into range, most useful vs Mortars and Sniper Towers) but removing the bonus health stat makes for a compromise to define a clear weakness like a Chevalier dealing less damage than a Companion but has greater durability thereby giving players an option to which Nation would they want to choose with a heavy cavalry as a unique unit for their nation.
Well this is only a suggestion but I hope the devs would consider my first thread. Feel free to share thoughts.