new age, new troops, new chapter


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Oct 3, 2018
they could add water related troops? like boats, submarines, boats that deploy troops..
this would be a 3th way to attack and defense: from groundtroops, to airtroops, now sea troops. wouldnt that be a progress for the new ages? we are already so deep in the current age (information + drone age), as in real life..

besides, adding sea troops and buildings will add a whole new level to the game, more options in upgrading buildings and troops.
while a new drone troop which is an other air troop, its nice but its making urself a difficult new creation, same work could be spended on sea related stuff

u want an other level after sea? underground ;)
this would make offensive more difficult since uve to manage upperground, sea and underground war :)
u could start to repeat the strategy of the romans: 1 troop like the wall breacher, can digg a whole right before the wall, and after several seconds he comes out inside the walls, troops can follow safely through this tunnel.
u also could add 1 super heavy tank that can drive through walls, just like in real life. and then u can add a new type of troop maybe like the infiltrator, who goes straight for this super heavy tank
and what about defensive troops who spawn and build new type of defensive buildings? like some type of turret or tower type of building. cuz of this the offensive player will also have to be focussed on these 2 types of new defensive troops
-> you could add this type of troop to the offensive too: 1 special troop who builds a specific building outside the troops which is fixed and cant move, what this building does is up to u: attack, heal or protect an area

but again, the sea part is very important cuz it opens a whole new chapter: new buildings for the beach or on water, new troops to attack and defend, once u guys figured out who u want to add the sea chapter and got a basis, the rest will get easy, just like how easy it was to add all other barrack troops and factory troops: dock troops and submarine factory