New Player, New Alliance


Approved user
Apr 7, 2015
Hey, I'm a new player and just wanted to introduce myself. My player name is Jay, and I'm currently in the British Iron Age and have 560 medals. I've just started a brand new alliance that I hope will one day rise to the top to compete with other top alliances! It's called Legion, and I'm currently trying to recruit players! I have no medal limit as yet, but will set a 500 limit once I I have some more ally's. If you're looking to join a new alliance and rise to the top, then join us from the very beginning and help us fight to glory! I'm looking for loyal players at the moment to be my generals, and to help recruit other players. If you want to be involved in an active, loyal alliance then join with me! All I ask is you stay loyal, respect your fellow ally's, try to maintain a 1:1 troop donation ratio and most of all remain active and keep the medals coming! I'll help any of you as much as I can! Feel free to ask me any questions! Search for Legion and look for Jay as the leader......... Legion, We are many. We do not forgive. We do not forget.