Parliament contributions display.


Approved user
Mar 18, 2016
Can someone tell me why more and more often we can't see the parliament "daily report"? Not only is it not available for a check all the time, and does not show the total contributions (which is wrong) but now it doesn't even show daily contributions at all more often than it does.

Don't you think we, players, should have access to data about who donates to parliament across more than a day at a time? We often cannot see who donated at all even if it's just a data from one day? (how pathetic). When is a proper parliament donation data that gives the full picture of players' activity across at least a month (or preferably the same as it is with troop donations, where you can also see total contributions) going to be finally available??

I know it's been raised before but clearly the game developers need these requests to be repeated to finally sink in (?)