Please invest in making the museum easier to organize


Approved user
Jul 24, 2017
Some weeks ago, I proposed the introduction of a feature for editing, storing and activating profiles which consist of a set of displayed artifacts. This way one could create e.g. a set of artifacts for offence and one for defense. The implementation could somehow work like the persistency for city layouts, which we already have.
With the analysis of the new lead development identifying that the museum brought a complexity into the game that in the end will not improve the overall fun of the game, I reconsidered. I’m now also convinced, that the level of complexity and micromanagement brought into the game with introduction of the museum is a step back. With the last updates even adding another display category for WW, the behavior of your army in multiplayer vs. WW can now be even more different and confusing than it was before. Not only for the player itself, but also for the opponents that’s confusing, because there is no way to see which improvements are effective.
Anyhow I don’t see how we can get rid of the museum again without making a lot of people angry who don’t want to lose their museum investments again.
So, for my understanding every opportunity should be implemented which makes the introduced micromanagement easier to handle.
Currently I usually sit on about 50k fragments. I squeeze in mass artifact crafting and selling sessions trying to get the number down. I just autofire through the crafting process in high speed until the storage is filled, then I go to storage, sort by date and sell everything by manually checking each and every new artifact. As one has to check 5 properties with different values for each artifact, that’s a very time-consuming task that demands a lot of concentration. In short: it is boring as hell.
Lowering the rate of artifact income will not help. Instead it would make it even harder to come by the resources needed for artifact upgrades. (Did I mention that earning supplies is too hard?)
Also, there are always those artifacts where you are undecided or decide to keep them e.g. for an alternative army composition. (You never know if the next rebalance is messing your strategy up again…) So over time the available space in museum shrinks more and more. If you are sitting on 100 artifacts it is hell of a job to sort the worst ones out and free up space again. The available options to sort and filter the storage are just to limited to get an overview of the stock.
If I look for swapping out an artifact for a better one on the other hand, I often identify some artifacts in the list which are outdated and which I do definitely not need anymore. But It is not easy to go back to storage and locate those there again, therefore it would be great to have a sell button in the swap view.