Please make future event goals clearer and more encouraging of good gameplay


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Mar 25, 2019
Generic unit names:
Other parts of the game such as the library and university are able to dynamically display the troop names that I currently have, and change it when I advance an age and the unit's name changes, e.g., "Hussar" instead of "tank". Why don't the event goal descriptions do this? The event has been telling me to train "submachine gun troops" and "S35 tanks", names I don't currently have and am not familiar with (being Enlightenment Age), and it's annoying to try to figure out which troops they're referring to. Yes, I got it figured out, but since other parts of the game use troop names I have, why not here?

Inconsistent units of measurement:
One goal says "Train S35 Tank units at the barracks (0/60)". Is that 60 actual tanks, or 60 troop space OF tanks? I start doing it, and it's troop space. Okay.
Today we again got "Train S35 Tank units at the barracks (0/70)". I start doing so, and the counter goes up by ONE for EACH tank. So now it's counting tanks and not troop space.
Also today we have "Donate S35 Tank units to your Allies (0/35)". I donate five tanks to someone, and hey! It's complete. We're back to the numbers referring to troop space, I guess?
Please write these so we know how many they actually require. Better yet, make ALL event goals like this be either individual units or troop space, across the board.

Counterproductive goals:
It's frustrating to be given goals that encourage poor or wasteful gameplay. Why should burning through loads and loads of troops be a good thing? Especially when it's a troop type that I don't use many of, or that are specifically designed to NOT die, like my extra-HP French cavalry. Training troops just to discard them is an unimmersive waste. Please make more event goals ones that encourage normal and even skillful gameplay. Here are a few suggestions:
- Earn X stars on bases of your Age/Level or above. (encourages going after tougher targets)
- Earn at least 3 stars in battles where you lose less than 5% of your troops (encourages SAVING your troops instead of wasting them)
- Complete X Challenge attacks against your own Allies (encourages Alliance interaction and practicing your attacks)

And when you're done with that, get rid of the Pass-only goals. Period. Pass buyers already get double the progress track rewards, with their paid rewards being better than the ones above them in most cases. Fine. There's no reason they should also be getting "express line" progress toward the normal goals too. 30 Event track medals for earning TWO Quick Victory stars? Give me a break.

Thanks for your consideration.

King Crimson

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Apr 21, 2016
Good comments. Especially the ones about wasting/training troops for xp. Is this game now a simple 'tap to win' game?