Questions for dev


May 30, 2022
Why don't we have waves of unique defender for city center and the post ?

Put high explosive for barrack tanks?

Do we have reload animation for troops and vehicles for realism ?

Where are the general special traits and buff for army, war tactics and planes ?

New items in trading post's economy for exchanging food, gold, oil, and rubies for trading desired resources.

Where are Nation's new buffs and addition of new nations.

Lazy graphic design of drone age troops where unique troops and non-unique troops looks same with no diverse nations troops unique design.

No new bases for new updates.

Why are mercenary troops damage and health lower than barrack troops ? They are elite troops that i paid for trades?

Why not garrison produce mix of rifleman and heavy infantry than only heavy infantry. Two rifleman and two heavy infantry per waves for diverse defensive and for dynamics.
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