Recompensas só bug de login


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May 16, 2019
Algum jogador teve problema de login nos últimos dias em que a Nexon teve que rodar um hotfix para sanar o problema, e logo depois de sanar, deram uma recompensa de muros, porém não recebi esta recompensa, alguém mais?

anyone had a login problem in the last days that a Nexon had to fix a bug, and soon after finding a reward for walls, but I did not receive this reward, anyone else?


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Jun 4, 2017
Hi, and welcome to the forums!

The login bug was an Android issue, where the game was looking for an expired server. We've since corrected this issue with the hotfix on Tuesday.

The Wall Manual reward was from the Pax Augusta event. During the course of the event, we discovered a bug that prevented Speed-Ups from being correctly calculated and were not properly reducing time on your buildings or research. Anyone who had used a Speed-Up during the course of the event was rewarded with the highest-tier reward for your Age. You can see the Wall Manual rewards in your Archive.

If you still are having connectivity issues, or didn't see the reward after using Speed-Ups in the last week, please contact our CS team.

Thank you so much for playing!