Reign of Valour still recruiting active members


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Dec 20, 2015
Our alliance Reign of Valour is now recruiting active players who will regularly participate in war. We are a very active Alliance that Wars 3 times a week and has very friendly members who work together efficiently as a family. We are proud to have achieved the 11th perk for members. We also offer an alliance web page and utilize the Line app for further outside communications. You can find our website and rules at We are looking for only active members who will be both active in donations, communicate often with other members, as well as use both attacks in war. Members must remain active and communicate with leaders when you cannot be active or must away from the game from an extended period of time. We understand that life comes first in our family but equally, we do ask that this communication is very important in bringing out the best in every member. Also, this assists us to coordinate wars effectively and maintain effective growth for everyone in the alliance. We allow anyone who wants to be in a war to participate if you can meet the basic requirements found in our rules. These guidelines are basically a short waiting period of 3 weeks (but this can be lowered depending on your activity and donation rates), maintain a minimum of 300 troops lifetime donated, and are at least 75th level. This level requirement is only to ensure that we don't give our opponents easy targets but believe me in the meantime you'll be getting plenty of support to grow and build up. We also use the waiting period rule and donation requirement rule in order to have you prove to us that you will be a contributing part of our alliance as we do in return for you. Also, we are working to implement a new feature of an in-house war tournament for even more fun. Come join us in the Mayhem and camaraderie our alliance offers each and every member.