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report game problem in one post& share your idea.

B like Big Bug

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Sep 25, 2019
After the recent update, we had some problems in the game, which were annoying. A patch was added after the bug was reported. Many problems were fixed. However, there are still reports of disconnection errors in attacks by a number of players. We have to pay attention, friends. One is that this game is very heavy and high quality, and naturally there will be problems after each update. In these cases, fast and clear bugs must be reported to the support. Of course, this happened, but it was not perfect. Many players report from within the game. It is not bad, but it is better in this forum and by everyone. The second issue is that an update was given quickly to fix the problems. That solved a lot of problems. And this is very good. There is almost seems no problem on the iOS system, or at least I did not heared it. But on Android, especially weak phones, the problem is more. However, players with strong phones have also expressed dissatisfaction. It is the result of measures to deal with fraudsters that have made the server more sensitive It's a guess). But whatever the reason, we should not be upset. We and the constructive team are in the same team and not against each other. It will not work unless we disappoint them with our support. However, they will solve the remaining problems. It is enough to be a little patient and report the problems correctly. It is scattered. Stop ww for a few days and work on our museum (with the museum event that came). The gift of 300 crowns and some troops was also good. Let's be fair.have a nice time and happy new year all.
so,what or wich problems you faced in game after secound update?
you can write here or make new post with this title,so developee team can collect and read all together.
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Oct 15, 2020
so you create yet another post to complain about too many posts and expect devs to read the mashup off hundreds of bugs? LOL