Seasonal Recon nerf


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May 21, 2018
I honestly wanted to get on here and voice my extreme displeasure with whoever thought it'd be fun to "shake things up" by seriously nerfing a core unit for a short period.

Look it'd be okay if it didn't take 6 months to build a new army. So basically you've said I can't really participate in this game till this seasonal event is over.

What's even funnier is you are giving more new cards to the extremely overpowered mortar comp on a row one councilor. While the rest of us are just trying to rank up our mortars 13 levels at 20 days per level.

I get it, you want people to try new attack strategies. I'm all for that (even though I personally persist attack helicopter strategy even though they were nerfed to awful and never rebalanced). But if you want to do that you need to make it possible to train new units that work with a different comp, a way to get the artifacts, councilors, university/library (OK my uni/library is complete). But you don't.

So anyways, I just want to voice the displeasure with this surprise. And I'm not sure if I can even play the game for the next 75days while I wait for this to pass because I sure as shit can't train new units to perform at drone age level attacks let alone get their artifacts in time.

If you are going to nerf a unit just do it.
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King Crimson

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Apr 21, 2016
It sucks but it'll pass and, if nothing else, take something from this. Start upgrading different compositions so that you have 2 or 3 options available for the next seasonal change. Persisting with one combo while they mix things up only hurts you - as you've already explained.
With any luck, since you're Drone Age, you should have other troops mostly upgraded so it might not take as long as you think.