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server update issueto for


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Feb 4, 2015
after the server update the patch is good but once i enter the game its stop half way at loading

i tried several troubleshoot in my phone

i tried to clear the data "which it patch up again and the game is ok now"

when i try to attack mike since the update contains large fixing bug issues im still getting crash at his base

when i entered back again into the game its stop in the middle of loading screen again.

so i i tried the first troubleshoot again but it doesn't work anymore so i try to uninstall the game. and installed it back

once the download reach 100% the error message show " cant download in internal or sd card

i try to format my phone but still the error message show when im installing dominations.

i tried to download different game apps but it work just fine.. i think only in domination i got problem help me cant play anymore