SOUTHERN USA ALLIANCE - Come on DOWN! A LOT to READ? Yeah! Worth It? H*** YEAH!!!


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Sep 26, 2016

We are interested in recruiting NEW PLAYERS, Particularly, LOW LEVEL NEW PLAYERS to join my Alliance: SOUTHERN USA. If you are a HIGH LEVEL Player, that's GREAT, and of course, You're Welcome too!

Because you are NEW and LOW LEVEL! We do NOT see You being NEW or LOW LEVEL as a negative. Instead, We are interested in HELPING You to Level Up, Upgrade, and Grow Your Civilization. We will happily explain to You the various techniques to level You civilization (and/or) what steps and designs work best when designing Your Town Center versus designing Your War Base for World War!, Etc.

FOR EXAMPLE: If you visit my (Carrigana's) Towncenter Layout, You may scoff or raise an eyebrow at my TownCenter setup, BUT, I'll have you know, my Town Center layout has a +5940 Connected Bldg Bonus to my TownCenter's Hit Points!, and my Total TownCenter Hit Points are a whopping= 17,751 (and that's without any added bonuses added from either the Library or University!) PLUS, my Town Center's setup includes all but 3 of my Bldgs, (all of which will be included add even more points once I add more roads to my layout.) AND, my design is setup so that most Raiders will favor attacking one of two particular areas (both heavily trapped), etc..ALL of which has been proven (& adjusted over time), which is WHY my current Town Center layout, MORE OFTEN THAN NOT, WINS AGAINST INCOMING ATTACKERS! and I'm Happy to Report also nets me an average of 18-20+points! (though I do Luv the +26's I've been getting recently), each time someone decides to test its unassuming/non-threatening layout for themselves..*winks*. .*thumbs up*...and THAT's how you make your TownCenter Layout WORK FOR YOU! 'Cause, if You're gonna get attacked, you might as well get something out of it!!..*smiles*...(Should everyone's TwnCtr layout look exactly like mine? HECK, NO!! The point is to teach YOU the quick IN's & OUT's so YOU can use that "know how" to design YOUR OWN TwnCtr layout to be effective, how YOU like it! *winks*..Because, ONLY YOU can decide how it all works best for YOU! Everyone is different & so they play differently (Aggressive or more Strategic, Fast & Furious, or They're the Turtle/Wolf in Sheep's clothing...and that's part of the FUN! I'm happy to share with you these & other tactics, JUST ASK!..*smiles* BUT, I also know what makes one TownCenter layout attractive to attack & just as much, what makes a TownCenter one that Ppl DON'T WANT to waste their time & resources attacking, because the cost looks too great for what they'd get!..*winks*..and knowing the simple things that shout "I'm EASY PICKINGS Attack Me" versus "Nope, Not Worth the Trouble, Go Find Someone Easier!", is also part of playing the game & using strategy to work FOR YOU! Sometimes it's to Your benefit to get passed over for attacks & sometimes, it's best to look like a juicy, easy target, when you're a wolf waiting for a free points meal in disguise!..*winks*..and the difference between the two is shockingly simple & easy to learn!..*winks*...You just have to have someone willing to cough up the easy peasy secrets they learned the hard way!..*chuckles* Not many are willing to do that; however, I am! WHY? Because!, Your Strength, Your Learning, Your getting Better & Stronger, and Higher LVL, makes our Alliance BETTER, STRONGER, and the fact that You start with Us, I'm hoping that You'll want to STAY & Help Others who join too & Make OUR ALLIANCE a GREAT ONE, TOGETHER!!

Q: SHOULD YOU ALWAYS GO STRAIGHT FOR THE GOODIES & THEN RUN? (Farms/Mills/Markets) A =NO!, If Resources are Heavily Defended by Troop Makers (Garrisons/Stables/Bunkers), it's often better to throw some cannon fodder troops at the opposite side of the base to TRIGGER all TownCtr troops to Rush over in an effort to put down your harassing couple of heavies or canon fodder (knights or multiple small foot soldiers), while you then drop in your raiders to clean house! (& Yes!, RUN! *lol*...the name of the game is Hit & Run, so long as U can Take as much as you can!) Will U lose Troops Yes! but, it is a quick way to Gain Loot (& some nice trade items like diamonds, etc. on occasion!)

Q: Is RAIDING even the BEST tactic for ME?
A = YES! & NO!... ONLY IF these apply:
1) You are low lvl Player so losing medal points won't bother/doesn't effect U (that is meant as a good thing = but knw that it is hard to switch back & forth between Raiding & Resource Accumulation, so generally U shld pick one method & stick to it);
2) U have so many medal pts that getting penalized/losing 18-20pts a raid is no biggie - usually means U R a higher lvl player approximatley lvl 100+;
3) There is a project/upgrade/etc., that U R just Dyin' to get done, so Raiding is the quickset path to get U the Loot (gold/food) that you need/want fo buy it!

•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• •••••••••
I say this multiple times in this post, "There are MANY STYLES OF How to PLAY the DomiNations Game & in my view, ALL are VALID, there is NO RIGHT way OR WRONG WAY, so long as the Player is HAVING FUN, THEN THEIR WAY IS THE BEST WAY!

*smiles* and Don't let anyone try to tell you differently! *winks*

0 <= So Anyone can Join Us! YUP!, that means YOU!..*winks*..

1st) Currently, there is Myself, Carrigana, a Lvl 103, 1,043 Medal, Korean, in the Gun Powder Age (by choice, as I play slow & prefer to max everything B4 I move to the next Age..*winks*..and Happy to Report my Citizens are currently workkng hard on my upgrade to the Enlightenment Age!!..Woohoo!!, & What that means for You?, Well, Soon I'll have EA lvl Troops like Canons, Gat Guns, etc. with which to donate to my Allies & to Defend Your World War War Bases when we DO Finaly go to World War!.,,"All the better to defend you with, my Pretty!..*laughs*, Hey, if You aren't having Fun, then What's the point?..*smiles*)

==> And I am now VERY HAPPY (Thrilled Actually) to report that there are now WOOHOO 9 of Us!, so 8 other members who have joined the last 2 Weeks! *BIG HUGE SMILE* and a few of them are also 100+ Players, SEE, ALL ARE WELCOME & VALUED HERE! *winks* <===

I have LOTS of GP Age Troops (BOMBARDS, MORTARS, LANCERS & RAIDERS...Pssst!, and VERY SOON, Enlightenment Age Troops.--I'm so Excited!!-- that I can donate to YOU! And just so you know, in my last Alliance, I had a Lifetime Donation of almost 9,000 TROOPS over only a few short months! I'm big on supporting my Allies, and Encourage You to Request Troops! That's what Allies are for!, and when Battling Solo or in WWars, every additional troop helps! Plus, if U are lower lvl & have Ally Troops from higher lvls of COURSE that gives U an Advantage! HELLO! & HECK, YEAH! *thumbs up*..Again, that's WHAT ALLIES ARE FOR! *smiles*.. So, Ask Away! *winks*..

FYI., I'm on Central Standard Time (CST) in the USA; however, I pop on and off line all hours of the day & night...*laughs*.. Not kidding!... So, When you join Southern USA --- Just look for my name "Carrigana", as there are a couple of INACTIVE Alliances with a similar names & You definitely do not want to join them (You'd be the only active player in a room full of only cricket chirping!..which would be of no help to you in battles!..*chuckles*). Just Look for my name: "Carrigana" (Leader) and check out how recently I was online...*smiles*...I truly hope to see you soon!! And? I WILL do my best to catch you online too. Also, if there is ANYTHING you have a question about, or you wish to discuss "How To" or "How Do I?" Then, PLEASE just type it in the text chat window after joining the Southern USA Alliance (OR) if You prefer, then put a note in the text chat window & ask 4 my Email & I'll text post an email address which we can communicate directly through to address whatever questions you have! *smiles*

Over the next few days/weeks, we can decide as a group which 3rd Party Text/Chat App we'll use. Which ever everyone prefers, the in-game one, a 3rd party chat app (if You have a Preference, Pls post a text & let me know!), Email, whatever floats your boat..*smiles*.. I'm easy as things go & happy to help You each & ALL, as best I can!..*winks*..*smiles*.. So, COME ON DOWN & CHECK US/Me..whatever out, if you like it, stay ... If not, You're Free to Take off Any Time...& Hey, No Harm, No Foul!! yes, some Ppl will come join just to take advantage of the cool free troop donations without giving back & then take off, BUT, it's those of YOU that come over and decide to stay & that are cool to know & cooler to watch GROW, that make those few we will lose worth every Gold/food/troop paid out!..*winks*.....PLUS, You can ALWAYS come back later if you feel like it too!..*winks*..*smiles*..Though, it is my hope that You'll stay & maybe even help to make this a GREAT Alliance as we all Grow Stronger & Better over time! Woohoo! *laughs* *smiles*...If You aren't Having FUN, then You're MISSING THE POINT! ;)

2) NOTE: Per the System, Alliances Require a Minimum of 10 PLAYERS to go to WAR! Well, since there are LESS THAN 10 Members in the Southern USA Alliance currently, we are currently at 8, but we are NOT IN ANY RUSH to go to World War, WHY?, Because, I want each of our Alliance Members to KNOW HOW TO GO TO WAR & Not just get thrown into World War sink or swim!, the beter armed You Each are & the better designed your War Bases are, the Better You will do, so the Better OUR ALLIANCE will do! I want each of YOU to know & to be SUCCESSFUL WINNERS when we do finally go to World War as an Alliance!
And that We CAN NOT currently go to WAR! Is both GOOD and BAD:

•••> BAD = Because, you can't battle as part of a Team, and win WAR LOOT (Gold / Food), if your Alliance wins a War.

Note: I have all too often seen Alliances repeatedly select Players who are the highest levels ONLY to participate in their "World Wars", which is great for the Alliance, because Hey, they want to have the Biggest, Best, Fighters Fighting against the other Team; BUT, it's not so great if YOU happen to be a lower level player. ((i know, I've been there before too!)) First, if they do allow their lower players in on participating, then they (lower lvl players) typically get beaten. And Not just "beaten", they get stomped into the ground! Which, does nothing for Your standing in the Alliance, not to mention, when it happens World War after World War, to You, it can be rather frustrating! (To put it lightly & politely!) Which is one of the many reasons, that I believe You Joining our Alliance would be GOOD FOR YOU!..

•••> GOOD = Because, currently, NOT having WORLD WARS means YOU DO NOT need to focus Your limited resources preparing for World War Battles, which You would more often than not lose. INSTEAD, You can focus Your resources, time and effort on Yourself..that's RIGHT, BE SELFISH LIKE THAT!; focus on raising Your Civilization levels, Getting to Know the Game Better (the Tips & Tricks to make Your Gaming Life Easier & More Effective!)..& Getting BIGGER, Making more LOOT $! From Multiplayer/Solo-Battles! And generally GROWING Your CIVILIZATION! 😉👍🏼 That way, when You feel YOU are READY You can either participate in World Wars with our new Alliance -- Never any Pressure to participate either way (OR) You can use my/our Alliance as a Feeder Alliance and once ready You feel You are ready for the "BIG TIME", then You are more than Welcome to Go off & find another ALL WORLD WAR-ALL THE TIME Alliance to join. However, it is my honest hope that together we can build a GREAT ALLIANCE & when that time comes, You won't want to leave!! *smiles*..*shrugs*..

1) Individual Player Level = the more you Solo & Multi-Player Battle, the more U understand how best to attack various TownCtr/Base Layouts.
**Note: There are VERY DIFFERENT ways to approach Multi-Player Battles versus World War Battles = and I can TEACH YOU the Quick TIPS & TRICKS that will make You a Better World War Player even before You ever go into Your 1st WW Battle!
2) Advancing Your Civilization's Age
3) Upgrading Your Civilization's Components (Walls, Buildings, Embassy, Mills, Markets, Etc.), and Increasing Your Yields from:
FARMS = upgrading your FOOD production
ROADS = upgrading your GOLD production
4) Your Town Center Layout(s):
Layout Your Town Center (TC) to be the Most Effective Against Attack! Their Loss is Your WIN! ;)
Layout Your TC to be the most profitable possible using your Roads and connecting to your TC.
Layout Your TC to best make Your Wonder work for you!
Etc., Etc., all these factors & MORE are part of effectively laying out your Town Center. Each Player has their own preferences, and everyone's TC's should NOT be set up the exact same way (How BORING!), it's all just a matter of applying various techniques & tricks for HOW You setup your TC layout while making Your TC's layout Your very own! :)...Trust Me, unless someone copies another person's exact TC layout on purpose, even if they are the exact same lvl player, with the exact same available buildings, NO 2 PLAYER's TC LAYOUTS WILL LOOK THE SAME! :)..
5) Advancing your Troop Types and Knowlng WHICH Troops Types Serve You BEST depending on your playing style!

•••> NOT All Players play the exact same way or wish to focus on the EXACT same techniques....some wish to be the BEST at WORLD WAR...SOME Want to SPEED Thru Civilization Types to get to the latest Greatest Civilization Available... while others still like to MAX OUT on EVERYTHING in each Civilization level before they move on to the next Age (<=Me!)...They are ALL GREAT Wys to PLAY, and they are all VALID ways to play, which is what make this game so Unique!, Don't let anyone try to tell You or Argue You into believing otherwise!..or that Your own style of game play doesn't have merit!...*smiles*

So, Come on DOWN & Join Us & Seehat I/We can offer You & Vice Versa...What You can offer & Add to our growing Alliance!

========= NO FALSE PROMISES ==========
========= NO PRESSURE ===============
========= So long as You are Friendly & Polite, EVERYONE IS WELCOME REGARDLESS OF LEVEL!!....& Lower Levels are more than Welcome to come Learn & Ask, & Grow with Us at Your own pace!....
•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• ••••••••••
I HAVE TROOP DONATIONS & I'M JUST WAITING FOR PEOPLE TO JOIN & SEND THEM TO, and THAT COULD BE YOU!!! So, COME ON DOWN and...Stay for an Hour, a Day, a Week or a Year, It's all Up to You & You're WELCOME However Long You Stay!!..😀👍🏼
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Sep 26, 2016
By the way, that's "HECK YEAH!" in the title, if you thought otherwise, shame on you!..*chuckles*