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Sep 26, 2016

I'm interested in recruiting NEW PLAYERS, Particularly, LOW LEVEL NEW PLAYERS to join my Alliance: SOUTHERN USA. If you are a HIGH LEVEL Player, that's GREAT, and of course, You're Welcome too!

Because you are NEW and LOW LEVEL! I do not see your being new or lower level as a negative. Instead, I am interested in HELPING you to Level Up, Upgrade, and Grow your Civilization. I will happily explain to you the various techniques to level your civilization quickly (OR) what steps and designs work best when designing your Town Center versus your War Base, etc. For Example: If you visit my Towncenter Layout, You may scoff or raise an eyebrow at my TownCenter setup, but the layout has a +5940 Connected Bldg Bonus to my TownCenter, and my Total TownCenter Hit Points = 17,751 and that's without any added bonuses from the Library or University. My setup includes all but 3bldgs, which will be included once I add more roads. Also, my design is setup so Raiders favor attacking a particular area, etc..all of which has been proven iver time..and so has the fact that my current TownCenter layout, much more often than NOT, WINS AGAINST ATTACKERS! and Happily nets me an average of 20+points! (Luv the +26's I've been getting!)...Each time someone decides to test its unassuming/non-threatening layout for themselves..*winks*..*thumbs up*...that's how you make your TownCenter Layout work FOR YOU! IF You're gonna get attacked, you might as well get something out of it!!..*smiles*...These and other tactics I'm happy to share with you, just ask!..*smiles*

MINIMUM METALS: 519 set by game

1st) Currently there is Myself, Carrigana, a Lvl 103, 1,037 Medal, Korean, in the Gun Powder Age. ==> And I am Happy (Thrilled Actually) to report that 2 other members have joined! *BIG SMILE* <===
BUT, Ihave lots of GP Age Troops (BOMBARDS, MORTARS, LANCERS & RAIDERS) that I can donate to You! And just so you know, in my last Alliance, I had a Lifetime Donation of almost 9,000 TROOPS over only a few short months!

I'm on Central Standard Time (CST) in the USA; however, I pop on and off line all hours of the day & night. When you join Southern USA --- Just look for my name, as there are a couple of INACTIVE Alliances with a similar name. Look for my name: Carrigana and you will see how recently I was online. *smiles*...I truly hope to see you soon!! And I WILL do my best to catch you online. And if there is ANYTHING you have a question about, or you wish to discuss "how to", PLEASE just type it in text or if ylu prefer, put a note in text and I'll text you an email address thru which we can communicate directly! Once I poll whom ever joins, anyone that wishes to, we can use whatever chat app everyone prefers, the in-game one, a 3rd party chat app, email, whatever floats your boat..*smiles*.. i'm easy as things go and happy to help you as best I can!..*winks*..*smiles*.. So, COME ON OVER & CHECK US/Me..whatever out, if you like it, stay ... If not,..No Harm No Foul & You can even come back later if you feel like it too!..*winks*..*smiles*

2) Alliances Require a Minimum of 10 PLAYERS to go to WAR! Well, since there are LESS THAN 10 Members in the Southern USA Alliance currently:
We can NOT currently go to WAR! This is both GOOD and BAD:

•••> BAD = Because, you can't battle as part of a Team, and win WAR LOOT (Gold / Food), if your Alliance wins a War. Note: I have all too often seen Alliances repeatedly select Players who are the highest levels to participate in their World Wars, which is great for the Alliamce, because they want to have the Biggest, Best, Fighting against the other Team, But, not so great if you are a lower level player. First, if they do allow lower players to participate, then they typically get beaten. Not just beaten, but stomped into the ground! Which, does nothing for your standing in the alliance, not to mention, when it happens World War after World War, it can be rather frustrating! Which is one of the reasons, I believe Joining my Alliance would be GOOD FOR YOU!

•••> GOOD = Because, that means you do NOT need to focus your many resources preparing for World War Battles, you will more often than not lose. Instead, you can focus your resources, time and effort on yourself; raising your levels, getting bigger, making more $, getting more Multiplayer/Solo-Battle LOOT! And generally GROWING Your CIVILIZATION! 😉👍🏼 That way, when you are READY you can either participate in World Wars with our new Alliance (OR) You can use my/our Alliance as a Feeder Alliance and once ready for the BIG TIME You can
go off and find another ALL WORLD WAR-ALL THE TIME Alliance. However, it is my hope that together we can build a GREAT ALLIANCE & you won't want to leave!!

1) Individual Player Level
2) Advancing Your Civilization's Age
3) Upgrading Your Civilization's Components (Walls, Buildings, Embassy, Mills, Markets, Etc.), and Increasing Your Yields from:
FARMS = upgrading your FOOD production
ROADS = upgrading your GOLD production
4) Growing Your Town Center Layout to be the Most Effective Against Attack!
Growing Your Town Center Layout to be the most profitable possible using your Road Connections to your Town Center.
5) Advancing your Troop Types and Knowlng WHICH Troops Serve You BEST depending on your olaying style! As NOT All Players play the same way or wish to focus on the EXACT same
techniques some wish to be the BEST at WORLD WAR, SOME Want to SPEED Thru Civilization Types to the latest Greatest Civilization Available, Some others still Like to MAX OUT on EVERYHING in a Civilization before moving on to the next Age...they are ALL GREAT Ways to PLAY & are what make this game so Unique!

So, Come Join Me & See what I can offer you & Vice Versa, What you can offer the Alliance!

========= NO FALSE PROMISES ==========
========= NO PRESSURE ===============
•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• ••••••••••
Stay for an Hour, a Day, a Week or a Year, It's Up to You!!
•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• •••••••••••

***** NOTE TO OTHER ALLIANCES: I WOULD APPRECIATE IT, IF YOU KINDLY DO NOT POST, NOR ATTEMPT TO RECRUIT MYSELF OR OTHER PLAYERS UNDER MY POST(s). As I view that as Highly invasive and RUDE! Thank you in Advance for your common courtesy! *****
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