State of the game


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Mar 14, 2018
Well, as long you are staying at Ares, your base will be safe. With an ear to the community, nearly all teams have stopped fighting Ares. Speaking for our alliance, we have fun seeing Ares wasting Eisenhower’s in SH and attacks.


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Mar 22, 2018
100% agree.

Balance is way off and troop tactics should supplement your strategy, not be the main focal point.

There's no fun or point being a defender right now other than to slow attackers down in a time war from 90 seconds to 2 mins. It's soul destroying for our defenders (this is coming from an attacker).

For me the game is at its best when 4* for an evenly matched attacker and defender is a great result. I like it when 5* is rare at the top of the game.

We just played a "No Eisenhowers" war and it was brilliant.

I would suggest removing all museum effects from troop tactics, so that they can't be superpowered, then making the other noted nerfs to Eisenhower.

I would also reduce the effectiveness of Tupulov bomber slightly because as soon as Eisenhowers are nerfed it will be raining bombers...

On the plus side the recent library bookshelf for the museum has allowed people to more easily build alternative museums and adapt their play, so it gives players more opportunities to try different attack styles.

Please please balance this soon, some players are on the edge.
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