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Aug 27, 2017
me (along with many others) have made lots of posts on this building for the reason of one thing ... the donated troop tactics in world war.

they can make rhe worst defended base into alcatraz just by donating a drone age tactic to a shodilly built bases (SO MANY SHODY BASES) which there are lots of taking the fun out of base building and making defense even more pointless (and set a bad spending habit) and if you lose the game rubs it in your face with a "turn the tide in your favor" for 20$ which is annoying.

1. a solution is to remove the donated troop tactic which i am a strong advocate of and keep those confined to offence.

2. make the stronghold irs namesake... a stronghold. make it a premier defensive structure. give it garrison spawning your nations troops (a post about that), a cannon for high hp troops with parliament atk speed, make it attack both ground and air units and give it more hitpoints and more range. (i know the troop tactics argue against my point)

3 fix defence as a whole too.

and then my other solutions... the comprimise😑... cause this will fall on blindeyes and deaf ears.

a. give defender delay of 10 seconds (reduced with artifacts and whatnot)

b. if destroyed before deployed give them a 50% cut hp and move spd. or just hp

c. a donation cap of only 1 age above you so an iron age player can only recieve classical age troop tactics or less and cice versa with other ages and not drone age tactics.

again thanks for reading probably the millointh post about this
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