Suggestions for increasing your company’s revenue.

Mike 0314

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Jan 23, 2024
Hello good day, game developers and marketers:

For any online game, how to make players willing and active to spend money in the game has always been a concern for all game developers. In order to stimulate players' willingness to spend, your company's current method is to increase the number of crowns (players can get more crowns with the same amount of money than before).To increase your company’s revenue, I have the following three suggestions for the DOMINATIONS :

(1) Improve the actual effectiveness of VIP
At present, the VIP level only affects two functions.
One is the own base economy, training time and the other is the VIP store. The following uses VIP 0 and VIP 15 as examples for comparison.

The storage limit and production speed of VIP 15 are only 25% higher at most. As for this 25% difference, frankly speaking, as long as VIP level 0 plunders one more player in the game, all the differences will be made up. Not to mention the training time, as long as the Instant Retrain Blessing is placed, all the differences will disappear instantly.

As for the VIP store, although it has its functions (you can buy legendary artifacts), except that VIP 15 can buy the limited legendary "Two-Headed Serpent", the difference in VIP levels between others is limited.

Therefore, in order to reflect the impact of VIP, the most direct way is to increase the ability to attack and defend. In this game, the ability that most affects attack and defense is the museum’s bonus.

It is recommended to add the following settings
VIP 1~VIP 5, the museum can place one more "Legendary Artifact" (applicable to both the Main Hall and World War Hall)
VIP 6~VIP 10, the museum can place one more "Artifact" (any kind is acceptable)
VIP 11~VIP 12, the museum can place one more "Artifact" (any kind is acceptable)
VIP 13~VIP 14, the museum can place one more "Artifact" (any kind is acceptable)
VIP 15, the museum can put one more "Legendary Artifact" (plus the original 3, a total of 5)

If the above settings are imported, players will find ways to work hard towards level 11. Because at level 11 there will be obvious differences in attack and defense capabilities (compared to VIP 0)
Such a VIP mechanism will give players the desire to spend money in the game, because it can obviously improve their own abilities, thereby highlighting the value of VIP.

2) Let every Legendary Artifact have its own value
If the "Council" can have the committee setting, then why not add an exhibition hall function to the "Museum" ? Collecting "specific combinations" of Legendary Artifact can have additional abilities or collecting a certain number of legends can add additional abilities.

For example, placing 3 legendary artifacts (different one) in the World War Exhibition Hall can increase the damage and HP of all defense towers in World War. Placing 6 will reduce the defender spawn time, placing 9 will increase the hero damage, and so on, every 3 will increase an ability.

The more legends there are, the more abilities are added and the abilities added later should be more special (For example, prohibiting attackers from using reconnaissance aircraft or let the defender's all defensive facilities lose function within 10 seconds of the start of the game)

In this way, all Legendary Artifact will have collection value by players. Otherwise, there are always some popular Legendary Artifact in the game. Other Legendary Artifact have no collection value at all based on their bonus abilities.

Since your company hopes to generate revenue by selling Legendary Artifact, it should make all Legendary Artifact have their own value (not just based on the ability of the legend itself). When accumulating the number of Legendary Artifact can create more abilities. Players will be more willing to purchase "Speed Ups", "Legendary Chest" and "Legendary Tokens" to obtain Legendary Artifact.

(3) Added the setting to obtain Manufactory Materials through battle
The biggest function of the current Instant Retrain Blessing is to allow players to obtain Stars and Triumph. But if the Manufactory Materials can also be obtained in battle, then it will create more desire for players to purchase the Instant Retrain Blessing.

"When a player attacks a player of the same AGE as himself or one AGE higher than him and gets 5 stars, the system can randomly give 5 Manufactory Materials."

Attacking players of the same AGE as you or one AGE above you and getting 5 stars is to make the game more difficult (otherwise the Automation age players will go to fight the Information age players only)
As for the settings randomly given by the system, it can prevent players from only attacking Manufactory in order to plunder materials (just like attacking only Oil Refinery in order to plunder oil). Because the Manufactory Materials are provided by the system and not lost by the player being attacked, attacking the Manufactory alone will have no effect. Player must obtain 5 stars in a battle to have effect.

Since all the Manufactory Materials in the current Manufactory cannot be obtained by accelerating (using crowns or speed ups) Therefore, when a player attacks a player of the same AGE as himself or higher than himself and obtains 5 stars. He can randomly obtain 5 Manufactory Materials.

It will make players more willing to attack. Spend crowns to buy the Instant Retrain Blessing. And if player attack other player one age higher than himself and get 5 stars (including Automation age players attack Automation age players), you will get 5 additional platinum.
As a result, the sales of the above-mentioned Legendary Artifact and even Troop Tactics flags will definitely increase.

Summary: DOMINATIONS is an online war strategy and resource plundering game. How to make players willing to spend more money depends on the improvement of abilities. As for how to get obvious ability improvement and a sense of accomplishment from the game with the money spent, the above three points are my personal suggestions. I hope your company can carefully review them. Thanks.