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Supply Drops

Black tiger

Approved user
May 20, 2018
I find the supply drops (aka daily event shipments) annoying. These show up on my base and when I tap them a whole screen comes up and I need to tap again and wait for a short animation and then close it. No big deal for a decent reward, but that’s not what you get. Instead of something worthwhile, I always get a 1-hour speed up. In the end game a 1-hour speed up is nearly meaningless. I worked it out and it is approximately 0.2% of the time of a Digital Age build time. I don’t want these on my base. If I could I would simply delete them rather than click through. So here are a few ideas in descending order of appeal to me:

1. Make supply drops meaningful. Scale them to Age and give us 5-10% off the build time of the Age. They can be rare. They would be worth opening.
2. Remove the dedicated screen and let us one-click to open to get our 0.2%.
3. Remove supply drops.
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