Tactical helicopters, transports and other units rebalance proposal


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Aug 30, 2021
I appreciate the barrack troops' rebalance to give them a defined role. However, I think that some factory troops like tactical helicopters need rebalance as well as other units.

- Tactical helicopters and transports:
I think that tactical helicopters should spawn 3 paratroopers (just 1 time) to a designated location and then come back to the corner it came from to heal allied troops. To make this change work, paratroopers shouldn't be able to be healed by helicopters and supply carts. In addition, tactical helicopters unit space could be increased to 15 to avoid abuse.
This change may need some other changes on the transport and paratroopers themselves: transports should spawn +1 paratrooper (4 on multiplayer an 5 on war) but all paratroopers should be less powerful -20% damage and HP --> it would keep their damage output and make antitank guns and landmines less painful, but less effective againts defending units.

- MRL:
The MRL needs a range boost like artillery and its favourite target should be buildings (with a large AoE to destroy closer enemy units). It could be a mixt between artillery and mortar infantry. A faster attaking speed would help too.

- Bazooka:
A good unit, but I would extend its damage bonus against tanks to helicopters as well.

- Armored car:
In my view, it's too strong against tanks and too fast compared to other units.

What do you think??
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Jarhead 2.0

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May 10, 2023
armored cars… are supposed to be fast, but if they aren’t able to do good dmg against tanks, they should just ignore them alltogether on offense…like infiltrators ignore defenders until all defenses are demolished