The improvements which it is absolutely necessary to have


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Apr 7, 2015
Hello, i m french, sorry for my english Its google translate, i m sorry I am a big amateur of this kind(genre) of game(set,play), j have to play during 2 years has clash of clans Your game(set,play) interests me a lot, but some improvement is missing so that your game(set,play) is better that clash of clans I go you give a list d improvement which he(it) misses and which(who) very important English version ------------------ Google translate - To reduce lag / crash to game(set,play) (I am on ipad2 and ca lag) - Add a general chat to be able to recruit d other person than friends - To be able to put smileys in chat, that appears nothing but that returns the alive chat!???????????? - to add statistics on the players, yet(now) stolen, fights gained(won), destroyed city(estate), animals person killed etc.... - be able to click the buildings(ships) of the other players to see the levels of buildings(ships) - be able to write a description when l we ask for troops - to be able to click on building(ship) when l we visit about one - To be able to zoom / dézoomer more on the village, on iphone5c one zoom dezoome much more than on ipad2.... Bug? - division(sharing) of the video attacks / defenses on the chat (very important to give life to the alliances(wedding rings)) -Of better description of buildings(ships), we do not still understand any example: l Acropolis, of how much that accelerates the production and is that the beam(shelf) d action(share) of l defined Acropolis if acceleration of the units / garrison are in this beam(shelf) - increased the time(weather) d inactivity before eviction of the game(set,play), 5/10 times would be good - put one [!!!] to say that camps are full - write levels of the troops, in fight, in defense, everywhere!! - make that the leaders(heads) can messenger of messages other players - added by the deputy heads Here is for the improvements which for me are really necessary!! French version ----------------- - réduire les lag /crash en jeu (je suis sur ipad2 et ca lag) - ajouter un tchat général pour pouvoir recruter d autre personne que des amis - pouvoir mettre des smiley dans les tchat, ça paraît rien mais ça rend le tchat vivant!✌️🙊🙈🙉💩😱 -ajouter des statistique sur les joueurs, or volé, bataille gagné ,cité détruite , animaux tué etc... -pouvoir cliquer sur les bâtiments des autres joueurs pour voir les niveaux des bâtiments -pouvoir ecrire une description lorsque l on demande des troupes -Pouvoir cliquer sur les batiment lorsque l on visite quelqu un - pouvoir zoomer/dézoomer plus sur le village, sur iphone5c on zoom dezoome beaucoup plus que sur ipad2.... Bug? -partage des video attaques/défenses sur le tchat (très important pour donner vie aux alliances) -de meilleur description des bâtiments , on ne comprend pas toujours tout exemple: l acropole, de combien ça accélère la production et est ce que le rayon d action de l acropole définie si les accélération des unités/garnison sont dans ce rayon -augmenté le temps d inactivité avant expulsion du jeu, 5/10 minute serait bien -mettre un [!!!] pour dire que les camps sont plein -écrire le niveaux des troupes ,en combat, en défense, partout!! --faire que les chefs puissent envoyé des messages autres joueurs -ajouté des chefs adjoints Voila pour les améliorations qui pour moi sont vraiment nécessaire !!
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Apr 5, 2015
Seeing as how Google Translate can not translate jumbled english to proper english, allow me the honors to translate for everyone.

Hi I am French sorry my English is a bit confusing, it is because i don't speak proper english and this is google translated so i apologize. I am an amateur of RTS games, but i have played Clash of Clans for 2 years now (still an amateur? Really?) and it is very interesting. However I have noticed many improvements that are missing in DomiNations that i would like to list here.

1.) Reduce lag and game crashes because i am on iPad 2 and it lags and crashes a lot.
2.) Add a general chat to be able to recruit other players that are not friends from real life.
3.) Add smileys that help make the chat much more alive (RAWWWR lol)
4.) To add statistics on players like Loot stolen, battles won, town centers destroyed, animals hunted etc..
5.) Be able to click the structure of other players when visiting their kingdom to be able to see the current level of their structures
6.) Be able to request specific troops
7.) To be able to Zoom in and out on the village. On an iPhone 5c the zoom is much better then iPad 2.. is that a bug?
8.) Sharing replays of battles and defenses on the alliance chat because it is very important to the alliance. (Wedding rings? Even i can't translate that into this lol)
9.) Better descriptions for buildings since we still don't understand the benefits of building like Acropolis
10.) Increase the time before logged off for inactivity
11.) Put a !!! symbol on the barracks when army is fully trained
12.) Show the levels of your army during fights and defenses.
13.) Leaders of alliance have an ability to send a message to the Allies.
14.) Add more ranks in alliances like deputy leader ( I honestly have no idea if i am right. This is a wild guess from two words saying deputy heads.)

My Advice
1.) The problem is with the device and not the game as there is no lag or game crashes in newer more powerful devices. Perhaps the games just require more power that the older devices have trouble keeping up with. If they were to fix this problem they would have to decrease the picture quality of the game and then everyone would complain about the graphics.
2.) A global chat has already been mentioned in other threads and hopefully will be added soon.
3.) Yea why not ill put in my vote although i almost never use it but i will use it just to test if it truly does make the alliance more ALIVE.
4.) Statistics are being worked on i believe because when you click on a player and click info( leaders only) you will see that it says they are working on that aspect.
5.) I agree this is something the game should have been released with.
6.) I agree
7.) My zooming is perfect. I think this is a problem with older device maybe.
8.) Completely agree. Well not about the wedding, I don't know what that was about.
9.) This is kind of true since i learned about the buildings from the forum. Most players should have a little better description in the game explaining all of this.
10.) I completely agree. We should have like 10 minutes of leeway for this. Sometimes i have to deal with the kids and i come back logged off in like a few minutes which actually feels as few seconds lol
11.) I would also agree on this and a notification also
12.) I agree this would help during the replays when you are able to share them
13.) I don't really use this much in other similar games since i know all the players personally in my groups but i can see the benefit for most alliances.
14.) Agreed. We could use Captain, Lieutant, Seargent, Major, Colonel, General. Commander In Chief.....This would be nice if you could increase the amount of people in each rank as the alliance were to grow stronger once the "Wars" or whatever starts.

I apologize Cassecou that i can not translate this into jumbled english for you to understand. My superpower of understand jumbled english only works in one way lol.


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Apr 6, 2015
Im on an iPad 2 aswell and the FPS are not very good at all. My interent is very good so it's not that. To fix the lag and improve on the smoothness of the game, it doesn't require a decrease in the graphics just a better programming code and stuff I have little knowledge of but I know can be done. Lots of essential ideas here that really need to be added if this game wants to compete and keep the money flowing in....


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Apr 5, 2015
I don't think the programming is bad because it is not problematic in some of my newer devices. In my old devices i do have very similar problems that it lags and crashes.

I believe they would have to change the graphic and make it worse. The reason i quit playing Boom Beach was because they had to change graphic for players with older devices and that completely ruined the game for me. I admit for me personally, i don't really care how sexy my buildings look but the change in boom Beach was so much that it ruined the game for me. I think I would rather have them make a separate app that can interact with this app servers and allow them the option to have lower graphics which could speed things up. I seriously like this game at the moment and do not want to stop playing because of lame graphics.