The VISUAL REPLAY BUG or how we all live in the MATRIX LOL


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Dec 21, 2016
After my alliance got cheated last war I just want to show some fotos of cheaters to give you a smile too.
I mean we all live in the MATRIX and sure all we see and report are just VISUAL REPLAY BUGS, thus meaning the restarted the MATRIX and its not NEXONS fault!
But where's Mr. Anderson when you need him? NEO youre a f***** LOOSER!!!

I would love to show some pictures I took - that guy that managed to hide his OIL in the woods... Or that a guy at barely Industry Age beat our 2 Atomics in Worldwar with 4 and 5 stars but sadly whenever I trz to upload, be it PNG or JPG or PDF or even from URL this forum tells me that my filetype is invalid ... Ohh MATRIX what have I done wrong? Or is it just fakenews and therefore not allowed...

But I love NEXON ingame support robots to always just copy and send me those badly translated korean blablabla stock answers (Im german so I guess they never really understand what I tell them lol)