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Treasure Passes Week of 1/9


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May 6, 2022

Treasure Passes Week of 1/9

This week's Treasure Passes include the following:

The Elephant Pass returns to give you Elephant Archer and Siege Elephant Troop Tactics alongside the Elephant Stable building. You'll want to have the mind of an Elephant to remember to get those additional Daily Drops of Elephant Archers.

Prepare for War with the War pass featuring the Nighthawk Troop Tactic! The Daily Drop will focus on the Armored Car Mk3 Troop Tactic and Coalitions to help gain an edge to victory.

Additional Passes include:

  • War Hall Artifacts Pass
    • Daily Drops of War Hall Artifact Chests
  • Mercenary Pass
    • Daily supply of various Mercenary contracts