Treasure Passes Week of 11/28 - Cyber Monday


BHG Community Manager
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May 6, 2022

Here are your Treasure Passes for the week of 11/28!

Cyber Monday Deals!

Cyber Monday continues the deals from last week's Thanksgiving Pass. This time around you'll be able to grab the Eisenhower v2 and CV-33 Flamethrower Troop Tactics. The pass will then get you daily FA-18 Hornet Troop Tactics.


You can also look forward to the Cyber Monday Step up Sale that gets you the General Omar Bradley Troop and F-15 STOL Troop Tactic!

Bomber Pass

The Bomber Pass gets you a Night Witch and B-45 Tornado Troop Tactics to start. Then additional rewards daily!

More passes are available at the Treasure Dock!

Additional Passes include:

11/28 - 12/5
  • Bazooka Sentry
    • Includes Bazooka Sentry Building, Marine Bazooka, and AT-4 Bazooka Troop Tactics
  • War Legendary Pass
    • Starts with four Joyeuse Sword Chests and then continues with a Daily Supply of these Chests
  • Tank Pass
    • Includes Ha-To Heavy Mortar, Leopard Tank Troop Tactics and more!

12/2 - 12/5
  • Speed Ups
    • Daily supply of various Speed Ups
  • Premium Councillor Pass
    • Daily Premium Councillor Recruitment packs