Triump benefits

Apr 10, 2023
You should swap research cost benefits for research time benefits, the cost is honestly not a big deal, as it takes days on end to research anything or even upgrade anything, like 12 days kind of long, so if you dropped upgrade and research times by at least 5 days or so on triump events, that would be mint, and for the amount of speed ups you win, it's barley worth putting effort into the event, not when you are buying retrains, etc. And the amount of time people put into it, I've actually stayed up all night just to maintain first place lol so for the rewards we win, it's almost not worth it, it's still nice to win the stuff, but it doesn't last for one, you use it instantly, just like how stronghold generals are pointless, for the most part. We should have an actual leaderboard for the triumps, pretty well like the medal count leaderboard.