uni leader idea

Dhruv patel

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Aug 27, 2017
alexander graham bell: admin and communications.

tier1: for 10 more walls and roads

tier2: reduce oil time and cost of unit tech by 30%

tier3: unlock communications office ( drone command size) that if placed on road decrease spawn time of defenders and attack speed of defensive buildings on roads and must be connected to road.

tier3: increase primary councilers by 2 for a total of 8 extra slots, other is the war council (maximum of 15 councillers for each chambers). council free summon by 2 up to 5 times so each free box gives 11 summons four times for 44 a day at abysmall rates.

capstone level 3 reduce oil university research citizen by 1.

also the communications office would reduce building and research times by the same percentage it reduces defender spawntime and building attack speed connected to road so upgrading would increase hitpoints, the boost and the engineers that spawn. and destruction of the building in battle would mean the engineer spawn is gone. and upgrages could also give it resistance to sabotage/tactics or even directives. and in higher ages it will give defensive buildings connected to roads +1 range (only once though). i feel with this city building will be more important.

communications office: with better communications come better preparedness and organisation

level1: decrease spawn time and building attack speed:10%
research time and buildtimes reduction:10%

tactic damage/duration and directive resistance 10%. (building only)

engineer army (2 combat engineer for building repair and/or trap rearm from sattelite trap or make them trigger more times and 1 supply truck for troop health) share garrison spawn stats and spawn 3 a wave and fix buildings at a fixed number (goes up with upgrades industrial age is when it will be unlocked).

and in digital age increase road connected buildings range by +1.

upgrade increases buffs by 2%.

this would unlock fully in enlightenment age. but the combat engineer spawn will unlock when you up grade communication office at industrial age

what do you think of the leader?
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Nov 30, 2023
it was like in 8th May uploaded, and nobody gave any answer? Anyway idea sounds alright, but capstone I would change into "oil techs require 1 less citizen" and remaining buffs just nerf straight. and maybe add "factory troop buffs".