Unlock Your Artifacts! - Week Ahead 12/4


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May 6, 2022

Greetings Leaders,

This week you’ll want to take advantage of the Artifact Quality event to improve those War Artifacts you collected from the Lucky War Hall Event in November! You’ll even bolster your armies with the Troop Tactics found both in the Pearl Harbor Episode and Medal of Honor Episode. All that and more in the Week Ahead!

Episodes 12/7 - 12/14


Pearl Harbor Episode
The Pearl Harbor Episode will give you plenty of Troop Tactics for Free. You can expect P-40 Warhawk, Night Witch, AVRE Tank, and more! Picking up the Premium Pass you’ll find aerial superiority with Sepecat Jaguar, B-17 Bomber, Vickers Virginia, and RAH-66 Comanche among other Troop Tactics.

Players who can rank within the top 100 on the Global Leaderboard can earn the White Death’s Warkit Legendary Artifact.


Medal of Honor
Your Armies can be led with General Troop Tactics that are available in this Episode. Both General Pershing and George Washington Troop Tactics are available for Free alongside American Marine and Harlem Hellfighters.

Premium Pass holders will have chances at the Gemini 8 Glove Legendary Artifact through chests. You’ll also find B-45 Tornado, Eisenhower, and 5d Building, Research, and Generic SpeedUps!



Hannibal Crosses the Alps Event 12/3 - 12/10
This week is our Hannibal Crosses the Alps Event!

The Crossing of the Alps during the Second Punic War by Carthaginian General Hannibal Barca is considered one of the greatest feats of logistics and willpower in ancient military history. Carthage and Rome had vied for dominance in the Mediterranean for decades, with Rome gradually gaining the upper hand. However, under Hannibal’s innovative generalship, Carthage was able to send a mixed-ethnicity army of tens of thousands of soldiers, plus terrifying war elephants, across the heights of the Alps in order to take the fight directly to Roman territory.
Starting from present-day Spain in April of 218 BCE, the trip took nearly nine months. Between fighting off local barbarian tribes and the arduous crossing itself, Hannibal lost nearly half of his forces and almost all the elephants, with only a few of the pachyderms surviving the cold.
However, upon reaching the Italian peninsula, the Carthaginian army was able to inflict several defeats on the Roman forces. Their biggest success came at the Battle of Cannae, where Hannibal was able to effect a double-envelopment of the much larger Roman army, killing most of the opposing forces. Cannae is considered one of the most lopsided victories of all time, and nearly cost Rome her nascent empire.

Enjoy these discounts for a limited time! (Automation Age levels will not be discounted.)

25% off the following building upgrades:
• Castle
• Barracks
• Airstrip
• Mercenary Camp

33% off the following troop upgrades:
• General Hannibal
• Heavy Infantry
• Bomber

33% off Sabotage War Tactic upgrades!


Artifact Quality Event 12/5 - 12/12
The Artifact Unlock Event has begun! This is a perfect time to increase the Star Level of your Artifacts. For the duration of this event:

• All Supplies, Researchers, and Benefactors costs to Unlock are reduced by 20%.
• Artifacts unlock INSTANTLY!

Take advantage of your new benefits right away during the Artifact Unlock Event!

Legendary Step-Ups 12/4 - 12/11


Wintry Gift Double Token Step-Up
This Step-Up sale includes various Legendary Artifacts that you can find including Julius Caesar Statue, Da Vinci’s Flying Machine, Gemini 8 Helmet, and more! This includes two Legendary Tokens at each step!

Thinker of Cernavoda Guaranteed Step-Up
Each Step in this sale gives you chances at the Thinker of Cernavoda Legendary Artifact through chests. Completing all steps in the sale will get you the Legendary Artifact Guaranteed!