Very promising game, with a few tweaks. Suggestions inside, please read devs.


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Apr 2, 2015
Hi guys

I just started playing DomiNations about a week ago. Right from the start I was amazed by how intriguing I found the game in every aspect. I can see myself getting hooked just like I am on Clash of Clans.I know the game is pretty new and still in development, which leads me to the reason for this post. I have a few suggestions that I would like to put out there. I know some of these suggestions have been noted by other players as well, both on forums and on Youtube channels. Before I post the suggestions, here is the red line in all of this:

New players are rushed into decisions that may impact their game, before they really are qualified to judge what's a good alternative for them.

1: Let us be able to switch wonders, at least once. It's a bit harsh to have new players make good choices regarding wonders when they haven't even learned the game yet. The choices may not be game breaking, but they can have a huge impact on you later on. I've read about so many people regretting i.e. building the Hanging gardens instead of say The Acropolis. Some people have started over, some quit and some living with the choices they took.

2: Another thing is the nation you choose. As it is now, you're bound to the nation you choose, which makes sense. Though yet again, making qualified decisions being new to the game is hard. My fear is with both nation and wonders, that some people may just quit the game because they have invested time in it, then realizing that they have made some really bad choices.

3: The waypoint: It's so easy to misclick this after first use. Should fix it so that once used, it wasn't highlighted anymore. This would eliminate the possibility to misclick it second time around.

4: Some weird loop lag on music and gameplay, even with high end tablets.

5: Smoother transitions when swtiching between different barracks.

6: A button that let's you create the same army as you had before your attack.


Sarthin, level 26 French in the Classical Age.


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Feb 28, 2015
Hey Sarthin! Thanks for sharing your honest feedback with us. We will make sure to share it with the game team.