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War crashes


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Jul 29, 2015
Copied from known issues thread .... at the very least people who like to war should be made aware that this is a thing , Even if Nexon are not acknowledging it yet .

In normal game play I very rarely see crashes any more , however in our last war both of my attacks crashed as soon as I dropped my troops ....zero stars, zero loot, zero to collect after the war......okay that's ultra annoying but no real harm done except to the chances of helping the alliance win a war ( so potentially impacting on the loot that everyone in the alliance could collect .........and bear in mind twice in the last four or five wars, one or two stars was the difference between a win and a loss ).

No, the real kicker was that I had foolishly spent money on one of the troop offers to bolster both my Stronghold and my attacks , of course all those troops were lost without any value .....I had in effect thrown the money down the Nexon drain .

So , I complain , and what do I get .....100 crowns , the "standard compensation' .....
The compensation for losing, at a minumum, £5 worth of extra troops ( depending on which troop offer you take ) ..... 100 crowns ( about £1 worth of crowns ).
To date it does not even seem as if Nexon are admitting or acknowledging that this is even an issue ........as usual, it's being blamed on the players internet connections ( really ?? ) .
The thing is that several other players , including our top players , had the same issue in our last wars, and are seeing the same thing happen in our current war......a war which I am thankfully out of .

So Nexon , do you yet acknowledge it's a problem?
Are you going to reconsider your "Standard compensation” now that you are heavily pushing for people to spend extra on troop offers specifically to use in conjunction with the stronghold ?

I have to tell you that I and several others , including some very high Atomic age players , are not interested in participating in wars until this is addressed ...and we certainly won't be buying into troop offers , as they are likely to simply disappear in the blink of an eye.

Any answer to any of these points !
Anything at all ?
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Feb 11, 2017
Yes this is a major problem since the last update.
We lost our last war, against K3, (with a lot of glory at stake) due to no other reason that one of our top players had both his attacks crashing !!
And i've noticed an unual amount of crashes, reported by youtubers.

Please fix this !!


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Oct 14, 2016
I must agree, it happened to me TWICE during a world war. It's getting really annoying cuz it's happening during multiplayer as well and for compensation they just apologized and gave me 100 crowns!!!! Like come on....


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Feb 25, 2017
Happened to me yesterday, received 100 crowns for a "standard crash situation". I tried to argue with them and explain the severity of such ww crash but they won't listen.

Here are your 100 crowns and stfu please. Our dev team is working on it.

Well thanks, that really helped!