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War hall museum

Dhruv patel

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Aug 27, 2017
The artifact distribution dont make sense, they're all over the place. If they wanted to do this they should've done it like this

War weapon--- troop hit point/damage, defender spawn time
War Armour--- invading troop stats, defender stats

War equipment--- have the jewelry and pottery effects of increasing defenses damage and messing with invading defensive buildings ONLY. ( i really hated how they screwed over the pottery and jewelry with the new perks. Remove these bonuses from them)

If you want to re roll artifact category allow all columns to be re rolled for 100 crowns and let them keep their same value (ie: if it's an 11% benefit it re rolls to have the same percentage and this sadly will apply to 1% categories too IT"S PRACTICALLY GAMBLING)

Is this idea better than the re roll or should it go together with the re roll:

if you upgrade a perk to lvl10 with more blueprints and artifacts to increase it by 5% ie: 10% becomes 15% but cant upgrade to 20% only upgrade it up 1 level so if you get a 6% bonus it can become 11% effectively

at lvl10 ie:

1--- 6% (10%---15%)
6%--- 11% (15%--- 20%)

but never go up from 1 to 11 effectively

PS: the wall manuals should upgrade a wall for each manual. so if you want to upgrade 7 walls you need 7 wall manuals
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