War Match - major bug / exploit


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Apr 10, 2015
Several major issues with today's war match.

1. Our highest player (me) is 135 with our second highest player Enlightenment Age 119. We are matched against an opponent with THREE players level 168 each of whom have all max buildings and level 30 generals, and two other players who are 151 and 160 respectively.

I understand war matchups sometimes will be favorable or unfavorable, but if the matchups are going to be this terrible, there is no point to a "matching" system beyond the number of players. Our opponents 5 highest level players should easily be able to use their 2 attacks to 5 star all of our top 10 players (we have a 15v15 war). That leaves players 6-15 to hit our bottom 5 players. Even if we possess significantly above average playing skills and they are significantly below average, they should easily win.

The matching system should weigh the highest players with a lot more weight than the lower players. I have ZERO Industrial units and only 2 industrial defenses (cannons upgraded during the 50% off special) vs an opponent with ALL defenses max'd. Furthermore, I have no Industrial units (my first one is upgrading now). So even discounting levels per se, it is an absolutely maxd player with level 30 generals vs a new Industrial player with one lvl 12 general. Even that disadvantage, we could possibly overcome if our #2 player was stronger than theirs, but their #2 player is also level 168 and matched to our #2 who is 50 levels lower. It gets worse after that.

I realize the war system is new but the matchups need serious adjustment. There is no point in a war when the outcome is predetermined. Their highest 5 are levels 168, 168, 168, 160 and 151 vs our highest 5 of 135, 119, 119, 116, 109. No reasonable amount of playing skill can overcome that gap.

2. EXPLOIT / BUG. During the Preparation period we captured all our levels along with those of our opponent. They may be seen at the link below.

a. The names of our opponent are mostly blank since they are asian characters and no one in our clan can read or type those letters.

b. The levels and other information were captured during the Preparation period by myself. While I am human and capable of error, I made a meticulous effort to correctly capture all information.

c. Player 4 jumped from level 120 to 160 in less than a day!

d. Player 6 jumped from level 100 to 168 in less than a day!

e. Multiple allymates have confirmed the originally posted levels were correct. We had no hope of 5 starring the top 3 players (all level 168) so we looked at bases 4 and below. We discussed them in detail and formed attack strategies. The bases changed massively overnight. I am not referring to the layout but the levels of buildings and generals.

f. Sure, those two players might have spent $10,000 USD overnight on crowns, but that seems extremely unlikely.

g. Occum's Razor says the simplest answer is human (i.e. my) error. OK. Let's say I am mistaken. It makes no sense for a level 168 Industrial Age player (#6) to be ranked lower than a level 106 Enlightenment player. I recognize the war system is not level based, but whether you look at the walls, buildings, generals or anything, player 6 is FAR more advanced than player 5. (See screenshots below of player 5 and 6, notice player 6 is FAR more advanced than player 5 in every category).

I kindly suggest either these players are using an exploit, or the game is severely bugged, or both. The entire point of war is fun and competition. Situations like this have multiple members talking of quitting the game and it just isn't reasonable on any level. Please investigate.

Clearly there are major bugs and/or exploits involved. We should have never been matched with this ally, the 6th player should never have been able to be ranked after the 5th, and the 6th player should not have been able to jump 68 levels without spending tens of thousands of dollars on crowns which I acknowledge is possible but highly unlikely.


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Aug 14, 2015
Trying to get rid of cheaters in this game is like squishing an ant walking in front of you. If you see it and report it, CS MAY do something about it. Very likely, they'll just say they'll investigate and never get back to you.

They don't have the willingness or the resources/skills to get rid of the ant nest so just hitting one on the head from time to time when it's too obvious. JOHN WALL has been reported multiple times, he's got like 100 artillery sitting on his base and is in the top 20 of the leaderboard. I actually think they don't know how to remove him.

I have given hopes on this game being able to fix this issue, it's been a year already and we still have the same problems reported as when it was launched. They keep adding new features that are unplayable instead of fixing the real problems.