way to improve expiditions

Dhruv patel

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Aug 27, 2017
people say the expiditions are useless only for gathering mueseum stuff as its too long for taking up citizens for expiditions for too little reward.

a way to tackle this is have"captains"and theyll do it with the usual expidition time (takes out citizen need). but when done they need "shore leave" equal to 50% of the expidition time so if you took a 2 day one you need a cooldown of 1 day and research and wonder can get it down by 40%. (opera house 20%, vip level9 10% and shipping chapter10%). so less expidition times means less shore leave. but shipping will have to change the 1 less citizen to extra captain for more expidition.

this would help take the big cost of the dock which is sucking up citizens valuable elsewhere and upgrading the dock up certain levels could unlock captains for more continous exploring. industrial age is 3 captains and you get more as you go up in certain levels (maybe every 2 levels).

i would instead change it to a captain every 2 ages so by the time ya reach industrial you get 4 captains for expiditions.

what do you think of this fix.
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