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Wonder update ( need some love)

Dhruv patel

Approved user
Aug 27, 2017
Bronze age

Acropolis: 30% more health and damage for defenders, reduce spawn time around radius by 30% (+2 more range of it)

Hanging gardens: 30% more resource from fruit trees and goldmines in radius (+2 radius), 30% more resources from hunting. 10% more chance to find resources from hunting and collecting from fruit trees and goldmines.

Stonehenge: 30% more capacity and production of caravans. 100% more road toll when connected to a road.

Pyramids: 30% more farm capacity and resources. Increase range by +2 and farms under radius increase bonus to capacity and production to 50%.

Classical age

Coleseum: produce your unique troop when under attack go up per age ( 8 for heavy infantry, 5 for ranged and 4 cavalry) and strength of the gladiators once a day

Terracotta Army: prdouces terracotra army once a day (15 haavy infantry, 15 ranged indantry and 5 cavalry). radius of 10 increase the damage of buildings in radius by 20%.

Notre dam: 30% less resource cost of library, blacksmith and university techs. Once a day collect trade goods 3+1 per age.

Forbidden city. Acts as second town centre ( receives road health bonus and spawns partisans once researched of japanese shoots at attackers). Once a day collect bonus food and gold.

Gunpowder age

Versailles: increase range to 8 tiles. Increase troop health by 30%, reduces enemy troop damage and movement speed by 50% like a big caltrop on death/in range deploys command post defenders.

Angkor wat: on defence heals defenders in radius (increase radius to colleseum size and healing a bit). on offence heals 1% health to your attacking army every 2 seconds (+1% per age)

Temple of Tikal: looted resource refund by 20%. Acts as second vault and capacity goes up as vault is upgraded. ( subject to vault related modifiers)

Taj Mahal: increase looted resources by 20%. Increase mercenary camp capacity +1.

Industrial age

Eiffel Tower: increase vault capacity and interest by 30%. Once a week collect 12hr peace treaty

Statue of Liberty: increase airstrip troop damage and health by 30%. Once a day collect 1000 oil (500 more per age)

Brandenburg gate: increase factory troop damage and health by 30%. Once a day collect blitzkrieg

Kremlin: increase health of walls,gates and bastions by 30% in radius. (up range to colesseum size). Spawns heavy infantry equal to ambush trap level per farm destroyed.produces 1 machien gun on defence for every 10 walls/gates in radius(bastions count as 2 walls) in radius (1 wave or ambush defenders.

Atomic age

Opera house: 2 citizens and 30% reduction in expedition times

Atomium/ space needle: 20% research time deduction in uni and library and blacksmith. Once a week collect a gold speedup (1,2 or 5 days no specialised just generic speedups).

Pentagon: store 2 generals for use on offence and defence. +1 war tactic or ourright make it another castle.

United Nations: collect NTG once a day. give a spawn radius and it spawns peacekeeping force on defence.

What do you think of these revamped wonders?
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