Mar 5, 2022
I'd kind of like to see more done with the animals spawned into our bases, so I'm proposing a new building, the Zoo!

Haven't quite got it all fleshed out, but the main purpose would be to manage the spawned animals, things like increased numbers and yields, as well as the ability to introduce some biodiversity by allowing us to research and unlock more exotic animal types to roam the base.

But wait, there's more!

How awesome would it be that one branch of the research allows you to "train" those animals into defending your base?! Even better with that would be the option to choose if you want it to be something like a pack of wolves or boars to chase down commandos, tigers and bears that go after generals, or rhinos and hippos that can serve as mini tanks! How about some foxes that don't do diddly to the invading troops, but distract and harass them, slowing them down until killed?

They could even need to be reloaded, similar to bunkers, but you have to hunt for animals in your base. There would be a second option when hunting that would feed them to the Zoo, but wouldn't net you resources.

Could see them on the offense as well, but not as interesting as the defense option. We've got plenty for offense, but I'll admit, it would be hilarious seeing people kit out an army of war animals. Roman war dogs were vicious back in the day.

Think about it, BHG. A whole new building through the ages to upgrade, with all of those sweet, sweet research times. Players having to keep a couple of citizens free to hunt, citizens that could be spent on upgrades. All while throwing some more flavor to players, while also scratching our itch for more defense.
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