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    Allied Forces Law - not what you would think

    TheWise would you be able to find someone to clarify this once and for all? We've gotten two conflicting responses from customer service so far. Kind of determines which research pathway we pursue...
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    Disgraceful abuse of offer process by Iron Source

    Yep, I've had one rejected that I worked for weeks on - for 7600 crowns! I followed the task to the letter, but they've rejected it. No one should do these offers until they switch companies for handling them.
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    Winter for the Ages 2019-2020!

    Can we get confirmation that Digital Age will or won't have a discount of their own?
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    French civ perk

    Plane training time is now 20 min for French - it was around 15 min (which is already soooo long). I also have Microprocessor complete. Please change the training times back to how they should be. Please update us on this and at least let us know if a fix is coming for this as well.
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    Nations need re-balancing

    I brought this up in the recent Twitch stream that a few nations (well, most really) could use re-balancing. This was sort of dismissed immediately saying something to the equivalent "It's fine - these nations are fun to play" This is important to address not just to provide your game with some...
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    Expedition times are incorrect

    Just in case this hasn't been reported elsewhere - Expedition times post-update are incorrect, longer than they should be. I suspect that the addition of the Tubman reduced Expedition time research has nullified other Expedition time bonuses, either through Library or Sydney Opera House or both...
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    Suggestions for the Next Event...

    Perhaps some more skill based tasks other than ones that just involve grinding - no one likes grinding, it's not fun, doesn't increase their income (I don't think at least), etc Not sure what that would involve but maybe: Obtain 20 victories in a row Destroy a MP opponent of your same level in...
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    World War Matchmaking - Design Spotlight 2019

    BHG_Muet - just an FYI that none of your replies are showing up on the forums to people. It shows that you've responded on the main page, but your responses don't show up in the thread. But, if you go to the list of your posts on your user profile, your posts are listed there. Forum problem?
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    World War Matchmaking - Design Spotlight 2019

    Alright, some additional thread necromancy here. BHG_Muet now that 15v15 searches are back, I assume that won't water down the search queues too much to negatively impact search times? Thanks!
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    New UI is garbage.

    In my opinion, the most useful order would be this: Rally - Planes - Regular Troops - Alliance Gate Troops - Generals - Tactics [These to the left are the most commonly used deployments used in MP] - Mercs - Wonder Building Tactics - Stronghold TTs Some people suggested having things disappear...
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    New UI is garbage.

    Yeah, agree with the sentiments on the changes. Do it again... And, I'll say make a plug here: please use US as your resource. This is something that could have super easily been submitted to the community to say "Hey, how can we improve the troop order?" We'd argue about it for a while and...
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    Space Age weighting for war matching is having problems

    We've been encountering some big problems with war matches lately since we've added more space age accounts to our roster and I suspect it has to do with a problem we've seen with previous ages/updates that certain buildings don't contribute to the war matching algorithm properly and possibly...
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    Thank You Nexon BHG staff

    Also, if it's not too expensive from a back end point of view, would it be possible to have a couple more slots for home/war bases? Once you get a couple of different bases to choose from depending on a few situations, that really only gives you one slot to work on a new base with. 5 different...
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    Thank You Nexon BHG staff

    Being able to select everything or select a dragged window of multiple objects and be able to move them would be a huge time saver and is frequently requested...
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    Forest clearing 'manuals'

    So, wall manuals were a nice idea, but in practice, it takes way too many of them to accumulate to upgrade a single wall section. But, this post isn't about that. Could a similar sort of system be implemented for clearing forests? Clearing forests dull. And so long. 2 weeks currently...