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A feature request in the museum


Active member
Aug 6, 2021
So after the x5 11% chance for main hall artifacts event. I spent 1 hour trying to find the good attributes I want for my base and army. It was overall unsuccessful. I got what I wanted but its locked in the 4th star and fifth star with a 6% and 11% attribute. I spent around 30k+ fragments which takes probably a month or more to gather. The attributes I wanted was either 1%, 6% or the 11% ones were always in the 5th or 4th star levels. What I wanted to suggest was that, there be a feature where we can select an attribute we want in the first or second star level of our preference when we roll for the artifact. Which puts the attribute coming in the first or secone star at a higher chance than other attributes. The percentage buffs can be random, but this way. The process is less painful and time consuming plus we can get a sort of instant buff immediately. I don't know if I am being greedy but I guess something like this would be nice for everyone.